Tween Bridge

Tween Bridge is home to a 22 turbine wind farm, a project that was agreed in 2008 after a joint public enquiry with Keadby Wind Farm (A project owned by Renewable Energy Solutions).

The wind farm is expected to make a significant contribution towards UK Government targets for renewable generation. We believe the Tween Bridge scheme has numerous advantages as a wind farm location such as a significant wind resource and it being close to a suitable connection into the electricity grid. In 2015, the wind farm met around 30,000 homes annual electricity needs.*

The Tween Bridge wind farm provides a community fund towards worthwhile local projects and initiatives. This fund provides approximately £1.25 million for the benefit of local people. You can find out more about the community fund at South Yorkshire's Community Foundation.

*Based on an annual average domestic household consumption of 4,115kWH (source: Renewable UK) figure accurate for 2015.

Site Statistics
Location Tween Bridge Moor, Thorne, Doncaster
Project scope 22 turbines
Turbine height  up to 80m to hub and 125m to blade tip 
Total power  44MW