Onshore Layout

The final design of the onshore elements of the project, namely the cable route, the onshore substation, and the Operations and Maintenance base, are currently being finalised. The cable route itself is being designed to take account of ecologically sensitive areas, and we’re tailoring construction methods to reduce impacts, one example being at Tottington Mount where there is sensitive chalk grassland.

The onshore parts of the Development Consent Order have been divided into twelve staged submission packages, shown on the map below.

Stage 1 (the substation) will commence first in June 2015 and be complete in December 2016 with the duration being around 18 months. The construction will comprise three main activities; civil and enabling works, mechanical and electrical build, and commissioning. The remaining 11 stages of the onshore cable route will be constructed broadly South to North (stages 12 - 2), depending on ecological and consenting restrictions as well as general weather/ground conditions.

You can see the onshore cable route below:


Onshore Layout

Onshore Planning

As part of our Development Consent Order, and in order to ensure that we’re working in an ecologically sound and socially responsible way , we’ve produced a series of plans that demonstrate the ways in which we’ll be safeguarding the environment during construction. These plans include how we’ll deal with traffic from construction vehicles, how we’ll manage public rights of way disturbances and our landscape management plans. You'll be able to find these documents in our document library, here.