After initial feasibility studies, we've identified an area north of Lairg in Sutherland as a potential site for a wind farm development project.

This is following Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) awarding us the right to explore the potential for new wind energy projects   on two   areas of land within the Scottish National Forest Estate. This is part of the FCS search for development partners to maximise Scotland's wind potential.


We are now hoping to submit our planning application towards the end of 2017. At the moment, our independent environmental consultants are carrying out a range of studies assessing where the turbines should go. This includes assessments on the terrain, the landscape and visual impacts of the proposed turbines and the location of nesting birds in the area.

Back in March 2014, we installed 3 meteorological (met) masts on the site, which we’ve been using to collect information about the wind and weather. We have now removed one of these met masts and will be looking to remove a second met mast late this year.