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We are now hoping to submit our planning application towards the end of 2017. At the moment, our independent environmental consultants are carrying out a range of studies assessing where the turbines should go. This includes assessments on the terrain, the landscape and visual impacts of the proposed turbines and the location of nesting birds in the area.

Back in March 2014, we installed 3 meteorological (met) masts on the site, which we’ve been using to collect information about the wind and weather.  We have now removed one of these met masts and will be looking to remove a second met mast late this year.

After receiving scoping responses back from key statutory consultees on what should be included in our formal studies, our independent consultants have continued doing studies that will form part of our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Results from these studies so far have helped us identify several key constraints which will influence where the turbines can go.

We’ve undertaken extensive design work and have taken advice from an independent landscape and visual expert, as well as listening to feedback from the Community Liaison Group (CLG). The result of this is that we have reduced the area for turbine placement to the southern part of the site.