Community Involvement

We're keen to play a positive role in your community. That's why we've been working with residents and community groups in your area to:

  • offer a Community Benefit payment when the wind farm starts operating, payable annually throughout the operational life of the wind farm;    
  • use local labour to build and operate the wind farm, wherever we can; and
  • set up a Community Liaison Group (CLG) so that we can keep you informed and listen to what the community has to say.

If the Glashan Wind Farm is built, the Community Benefit payment may be worth up to £442,000 a year during the operational lifetime of the wind farm. This works out to £5,000 per annum, index linked*, for each MW installed. The community may also have the opportunity to invest in the wind farm if we receive planning permission to build it.

* Linked to the Retail Prices Index (RPI), as produced by the Office of National Statistics or any other body which may produce the RPI in the future.

Please note that offering a Community Benefit payment does not affect your right to give us your comments and opinions on our planning application.

Investing in the wind farm

Recently there have been recent changes to financial regulations covering investments, which means we’re not able to give you more information on investing in the wind farm right now.

But don’t worry; once we have a clear idea of how the new regulations apply to this opportunity to invest we’ll make all of this information available.

We’ll do our best to make sure that all community organisations who might be interested get this information but, if your community organisation definitely wants to hear from us, please send us the relevant contact details and we’ll make sure your community organisation gets all the information as soon as it comes out.