Project information

Site Statistics
Location Near Halifax, West Yorkshire
Project scope  9 turbines 
Turbine height  Maximum 115m to tip 
Total power  Maximum 18MW 
Status Under development

Latest News

The delivery dates of the new turbines have now been confirmed. The delivery of the first turbine components is set to take place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of July along the approved route (a full list of the proposed delivery dates/ route can be found below) Assembly of the 9 new turbines will take place throughout the summer with planned completion autumn/winter 2016.

For Saturday deliveries, we anticipate that a blade will arrive on site just before 8am followed by the nacelle around 10:15am. For Sunday deliveries, a blade will arrive just before 8am, followed by the bottom tower and hub at 10:15am. For Monday deliveries, a blade is due to arrive around 9:30pm, the top section around 11pm and bottom section around 0:25am (Tuesday morning).

If you'd like to receive updates regarding the delivery of the components, please email us and we will add your details to our mailing list. Our Freephone number (0800 096 1199) is still operational during the week (Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm) but if there are any issues that need to be addressed urgently over the weekend then please call 07595125111. Please note this line is not a Freephone number so please only use if your query is urgent otherwise you may incur  charges from your telephone service provider.

Ovenden Moor wind farm delivery timetable




Saturday - 23 July 2016

Monday - 1 August 2016

Saturday - 3 September 2016

Sunday - 24 July 2016

Saturday - 6 August 2016

Sunday - 4 September 2016

Monday - 25 July 2016

Sunday - 7 August 2016

Monday - 5 September 2016

Saturday - 30 July 2016

Monday - 8 August 2016

Saturday - 10 September 2016

Sunday - 31 July 2016

Saturday - 13 August 2016

Sunday - 11 September 2016

Sunday - 14 August 2016

Monday - 12 September 2016

Monday - 15 August 2016

Saturday - 17 September 2016

Saturday - 20 August 2016

Sunday - 18 September 2016

Sunday - 21 August 2016

Monday - 19 September 2016

Monday - 22 August 2016

Saturday -24 September 2016


Sunday - 25 September 2016


Monday - 26 September 2016

Route A – Blades:

M62 Westbound, junction 26 Chain Bar, TR A58 Leeds Whitehall Road & continue to Orange Street Roundabout in Halifax, At Orange Street Roundabout continue A58 & take slip road to Pellon, TR Pellon Lane, Continue Pellon Lane, Moor End Road, Mount Tabor Road, Cold Edge Road & Withens Road to site entrance. End of Route. – Transit time from motorway junction to site = 45 minutes.

Route B – Towers, Nacelles & Hubs:

M62 junction 24, A629, TL Heath Road, TR Free School Lane, TR A646, TR A58 (King Cross Street) Leave A58 via sliproad into town centre (Bull Green Roundabout) TL A629, TL Pellon Lane, Continue Pellon Lane, Moor End Road, Mount Tabor Road, Cold Edge Road & Withens Road to site entrance. Transit time from motorway junction to site = 60 minutes.


Ovenden Moor Wind Farm has been generating since June 1993, having been built on Yorkshire Water land at Hollin Hill, near Warley Moor reservoir. The current turbines at Ovenden have been supplying renewable power for over 18 years and, now that turbine technology has moved on, we could produce twice as much power with half as many turbines.

In 2008, under the name Yorkshire Windpower, we submitted an application to Calderdale Council to re-power our Ovenden Moor Wind Farm. The application outlined our plans to replace the current 23 turbines generating 9.2MW of power - with ten turbines generating up to 25MW.

Since the application in 2008, we have been working with Calderdale Council and consultees to gather further information. This supplementary information has been compiled by independent specialists to further inform the environmental studies.

As a result of the supplementary findings there has been a change from a ten to a nine turbine layout. Therefore we are required to withdraw the 2008 planning application and resubmit a new application for the nine turbine layout.

Calderdale Council voted unanimously in favour of the project in November 2012.