Tourism and wind farms

Despite the construction of wind farms across the UK there is little evidence to suggest any adverse impacts on tourist numbers. This is supported by the recent 2012 poll undertaken by VisitScotland amongst visitors to Scottish tourist hotspots.

  • 83% of visitors interviewed said that the presence of a wind farm would not influence their decision to visit an area.
  • 80% of visitors did not agree with the statement that 'Wind Farms spoil the look of the UK (Scottish) countryside'.

E.ON UK's own experience suggests that wind farms can be good for tourism. Our visitor centre for the Scroby Sands Wind Farm attracts 35,000 visitors a year. This result is consistent with the high levels of public support for wind farms evidenced by numerous polls.

We also have a mobile visitors centre for our offshore wind farm, Robin Rigg. The centre offers talks on renewable energy to local schools and community groups.

Elsewhere our wind farms feature as the backdrop for new local cafés and even in the marketing of local produce.

In 2006, over 12,000 people experienced the power of the wind by touring wind farms and enjoying windmill workshops amongst other activities as part of the Embrace campaign's Wind Weekend. As part of this campaign nearly 2,000 people visited our Scroby Sands Wind Farm.