E.ON and Sungevity join forces to offer residential solar panel systems with 20 year ‘SunSure’ guarantee

E.ON UK and global solar energy provider, Sungevity, have today (WEDNESDAY)announced they have joined forces to launch Go Solar which offers customers a20-year Sungevity ‘SunSure’ guarantee.


The SunSure guaranteefrom Sungevity reassures customers that if their solar panel system doesn’t produceat least 95% of the electricity quoted, they’ll receive a payment to help coverthe shortfall over the 20 years.


With the singularaim of making decisions clearer and simpler than ever before for peopleconsidering residential solar panel systems, Go Solar utilises the very latestin digital technology. Right from the start, Go Solar provides customers withthe highest standard of design using Sungevity’s bespoke and specialistsoftware, all completed remotely without any initial home visits.

Once the solar panelsystem has been installed, customers can access information about how their systemis performing online, 24 hours a day.

David Bird, E.ON's Residential and CustomerOperations Director, said:  “Many people worry that solar panels won’tprove to be a good investment because of the inclemency of the British weather,but the truth is those fears are misplaced. So, together with Sungevity, thisoffer will give customers complete confidence and clarity as to what they canexpect from their solar panel systems. We’re confident GoSolar will help make solar technology more accessible, more understandable,easier to use, and a more solid investment choice than ever before.” 

Jan Slaghekke, Sungevity’s Chief Global Officer,said: “At Sungevity, we’re keen to bring ourexperiences from other countries to the UK, by offering customers solarsolutions for their homes which take all the guesswork out of theequation.  Extending our relationshipwith E.ON to the UK, a developingsolar market, is another key step toward enabling a more sustainable globalfuture for generations to come.”

Through E.ON’scollaboration with Sungevity, Go Solar customers can benefit from:

  • Remote assessments: the latest onlinetechnology is used to assess whether a customer can benefit from havingresidential solar panel systems installed using satellite and aerial imagery toremotely assess the customer’s property, without the need for an initial onsiteassessment;

  • Remote design service: customers are offered aremote design service which allows them to see how the panels will look ontheir homes prior to installation, as well as a quote tailored to theirindividual energy and property requirements;

  • Online tools: customers will haveaccess to free online tools to help them effectively monitor the performance oftheir system, anytime and anywhere;

  • Single online point ofcontact:customers will have a dedicated Online Account Manager throughout theassessment, installation and post-installation process.

Go Solar is currentlyavailable to consumers in the Midlands and the North of England.  To find out more about Go Solar and to applyvisit: eonenergy.com/solarpanels.



Notes to editors:


About theSunSure guarantee:

If a customer’s solar panels underperform, Sungevity will make a SunSurepayment for each kWh not generated, up to 95% of the customer’s quotedgeneration for that year. Any generation over 95% in previous years will beused against this shortfall. Payments will be based on an assumption that halfof the customer’s generated electricity is exported to the grid and will usethe average standard overall UK electricity price, the deemed Export, andGeneration Tariffs all set by DECC that year. See full terms and conditions at eonenergy.com/Sunsure.

Go Solar – A collaboration betweenE.ON and Sungevity:

In 2014 E.ON made a strategic investment in Sungevity as part of a groupof businesses which invested a total of $70 million in the US based company.E.ON announced a collaboration with Sungevity in the Netherlands in June 2014and earlier this year announced it is to begin working with the solar companyin Germany to expand its solar energy footprint within Europe.

About Sungevity:

Sungevity is a technology-driven solar energy company focused on makingit easy and affordable for homeowners and business owners in the US and Europeto benefit from solar power. Leveraging proprietary remote solar designtechnology, Sungevity can deliver a quote without a site visit and provideprospective customers with visibility to potential savings on their electricitybills. The company continues to grow its customer base and now services 12 USstates, the District of Columbia, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.Sungevity is also the residential solar partner to Lowe’s, and was recognisedin 2015 by B Corp as one of the “Best for the World 2014” companies forenvironmental impact. For more information, visit sungevity.com.

For more information contact:

E.ON:               Jag Bickham, 02476 181 308,jag.bickham@eon-uk.com

Sungevity:        JohnOrdona, (510) 496 5673, jordona@sungevity.com

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