E.ON comment regarding "Ofgem proposes a reference to the CMA to investigate the energy market"

Commenting on the publication of the State of the Market Report, E.ON UK Chief Executive Tony Cocker said:

"We will review the detail set out in today's report.

"A full market investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority is the only way to restore full public confidence to the energy sector and depoliticise the whole issue. Whilst we have already made a large number of changes such as running our businesses separately,  simpler tariffs, simpler bills and further investment in levels of service, a full investigation will once and for all get to the heart of any structural issues that exist or are perceived to exist and help us to all deal with many of the myths and misinformation that surround the energy market."


For further information please contact:

Scott Somerville (07540 817 936)

Roxanne Postle (02476 195 785)

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