Hiber-nation: Winter leaves a quarter of Brits feeling like they just want to stay at home

With the winter solstice taking place a week today, new research from E.ON1 reveals that a quarter (26%) of Brits don’t want to leave the house during winter.

Many people report suffering from the winter blues with one in five (18%) saying winter makes them feel tired and one in seven (14%) feeling down time of year. Just one in ten (9%) actually feel happier in winter than they do in summer and just 8% wish it was winter all year round.

According to respondents, the worst things about winter are the cold/wet weather (63%), getting colds and flu (55%), and shorter days and longer nights (54%).

But the good news is that we’re quite easy to cheer up with most people listing cosy nights in as their favourite way to lift the winter gloom (60%), followed by a warming cup of tea or coffee (51%) and eating comfort food (50%). More than a third of us enjoy seeing friends and family during winter (35%) and winter classics such as log fires (34%) and snow (34%) also ranked high among things we like most about winter.

With almost everyone (98%) saying they want to feel cosy this winter, E.ON is sharing tips to help make homes feel comfy and warm this winter.

E.ON’s Winter Tips:

·Keep the warmth: Homes can lose a third of their heat through uninsulated walls2 and up to a quarter through the roof3 so insulation is key to keeping your home cosy and lowering winter energy bills. For a limited time, E.ON is offering free cavity wall and loft insulation to households, regardless of their energy supplier4, which could save a typical family £2855 a year.

·Mind the gap: Also, make sure you plug any gaps in windows, doors, pipework, loft hatches, and ceiling-to-wall joints as this can save you up to £25 a year 6.

·Watch your water: Heating water accounts for up to 15% of an average energy bill for a gas-heated household7, so if you have a hot water tank lower the temperature to 60oC to save energy and money. In addition, fitting an insulating jacket to your hot water tank could cut your gas bill by 5% 8.

·Light up dark nights: You could save up to £6 a year by replacing traditional bulbs with LED bulbs of the same brightness9, and make sure you fit them in the rooms that you use the most to maximise your savings.

·See and save for free: Use free tools like E.ON See to keep track of your energy use and see where savings can be made through personalised advice and tips. You can also ask your energy supplier about installing a smart meter to ensure you can effectively monitor your energy use. E.ON customers can visit eonenergy.com/smart for information about smart meters and to see if they’re able to get one installed. If eligible, they can also book an appointment online.

·Get smart about heating: Investing in smart heating solutions like our tadoo Smart Thermostat will help you control your home temperature whether you’re at home or away through your mobile phone. With most people (71%) finding it difficult to get out of bed on chilly winter mornings, smart thermostats can also help you pop the heating on from under your duvet!

·Think about your tariff: Make sure you’re on the right tariff for you to ensure you’re not spending more than you need to this winter.

And with the research showing that 60% of us feel happier in summer than winter and nearly a quarter (23%) saying that planning a summer holiday trip cheers us up during winter, E.ON is offering customers the chance to win one of two £5,000 summer holidays this winter. For more details on how to enter the competition and the terms and conditions please visit https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/winter-warmers.

To find out more about E.ON’s winter tips and smarter customer solutions, visit eonenergy.com.


Notes to editors

  1. Based on research conducted by OnePoll in October 2017 among 2,000 British adults.

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    Offer subject to applicants agreeing to eligibility check – this information is needed to help manage the scheme and applicants’ data and will not affect whether they are eligible for the measures described in the offer. The scheme is administered by E.ON Energy Installation Services Limited which reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

    E.ON will provide notice to customers on eoninstall.com if offer is withdrawn or amended. If applicants have a survey booked in during the offer window the offer will be honoured. This offer is available in mainland Great Britain and excludes housing association or council tenants, flats and maisonettes. All applications are subject to a home survey by the appointed installer (or company acting on their behalf). Full Terms and Conditions will be set out in the contract with the appointed installer.

    Cavity wall Insulation: Cavity wall insulation will only be installed on properties with unfilled cavity walls. No costs will be incurred unless stipulated at or during home survey/risk assessment of property. E.ON shall supply a quotation detailing additional costs prior to acceptance and instruction by the contractor prior to commencement of works.

    Loft insulation: Loft insulation will only be installed in conjunction with a cavity wall being filled and only where there is either less than or equal to 100mm pre-existing insulation (full loft). Lofts will be insulated to a total thickness of 270mm. Loft insulation will not be undertaken unless there is sufficient ventilation to allow air movement both before and after the work.

  5. Source: energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/cavity-wall and energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/roof-and-loft. Figures based on semi-detached gas heated home and are based on fuel prices as of April 2017.

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