Moving home more stressful than heartbreak

  • On average, Brits endure over three months of stress with every home move
  • E.ON teams up with life hacker Dave Hax to help make move day stress-free

The average Brit moves five times in a lifetime according to new research from energy company E.ON, enduring three months and three days of move-day stresses and strains on each occasion.

The new research has been carried out with 2,000 adults who've moved home in the last three years. It reveals that moving home is so tough that it actually tops the list of life's most stressful moments. Six in ten people (62%) voted moving home as their most stressful life event, beating a romantic relationship break up/divorce (43%) and starting a new job (43%).

And whilst Brits are spending more than a quarter of a year on every home move, many people are never completely ‘moved in' - with a quarter of Brits (24%) admit that some boxes still remain unpacked.

Misplacing possessions (32%), not being able to find essential items right away (30%) and realising furniture doesn't fit (20%) topped the list of most stressful move day moments. 

To help make move day as stress free and time efficient as possible, E.ON has teamed up with renowned life hacker Dave Hax to create Moving Day Hacks. The video shows a range of innovative tips using only household essentials to help people move home quickly.

Dave's Move Day Hacks

Stressful moment 

% of home movers who felt the stress

Dave Hax says:

Remembering to re-direct post and change addresses


Don't fret about forgotten post - leave some stamped envelopes with your new address on it so the new homeowners can forward you your post easily

Lifting and moving heavy boxes


Carefully cut handles into the sides of cardboard boxes to help make lifting and moving boxes easier

Not remembering how furniture you've taken apart goes back together


Fill clear sandwich bags with loose screws then tape the bag to the furniture item it came from - don't forget to label the contents

Remembering to take gas/electricity/water readings


Use your phone to snap a photo of your meter readings in an instant

Being unable to wire up the electrics


Take a photo of your electric wires to see how they are set up and plug together  

Borrowing a brew on move day

In an age where we're glued to our gadgets, it may come as little surprise that for one in 10 Brits (9%), our first conversation with our new neighbour on move day is to ask to borrow their Wi-Fi code.

However, a decent brew is still the UK's move day essential; one in three respondents (29%) confessed to counting on their brand new neighbours to borrow milk, sugar and teabags for a good cuppa to ease their move day stress.

Half of respondents (50%) said having a takeaway lined up for the night they move in would help make move day more manageable, whilst almost a third (31%) said having a chilled bottle of wine/beer in the fridge would ease the moving day strain.

David Bird, Residential and Customer Operations Director at E.ON, said: "It's no shock that moving home is one of life's most stressful moments. There's pressure to remember a huge amount of things - from carefully organising and packing up your home, to notifying your energy provider of your move and providing accurate meter readings. That's why we've teamed up with life hacker Dave Hax to help our customers plan a quick and efficient move into their brand new home."

Life Hacker, Dave Hax, said: "Moving home is undoubtedly a stressful experience, but there are plenty of hacks that can make the entire moving process that much simpler. Applying just a few of these tips will help to take the stress out of move-day, and enable you to have a smooth and efficient move into your new home."

Tips from E.ON to ensure you have a smooth transition with your energy provider when moving:

  • 1. Let your energy provider know that you're moving and your move date;
  • 2. Take your meter readings on the day of moving to ensure you're billed accurately for any final charges;
  • 3. Take your new meter readings in your new home and let your supplier know what these are, along with your moving in date, as soon as you can.

To see Moving Day Hacks, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka86KgxASsQ

For information and advice on moving home from E.ON, visit eonenergy.com/moving-home.


Notes to editors:

  • 1. Based on research with 2,000 adults who moved home in the last three years, carried out by OnePoll in March 2015.

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