Safety notice: E.ON recalls two types of branded power adapters as a precaution

E.ON has today (WEDNESDAY) announced the immediate recall of two types of branded power adapters. The adapters being recalled were included with some of the in home energy displays (also called smart energy displays) that were mainly supplied to customers between 2012 and 2015 along with their smart meter.

Following testing, E.ON has determined that, in rare cases, the outer casing can come loose exposing internal circuitry and therefore creating an electrical safety risk. As safety is E.ON’s top priority, it has decided to take the precaution of replacing the affected adapters.

Which power adapters are affected?

  • E.ON is recalling two types of in home display power adapters that were mainly given to customers who had smart meters installed between September 2012 and October 2015. The affected power adapters are no longer being distributed.

  • The two types of E.ON branded power adapters being recalled are Model TEKA006-0500500BS and Model SPS-02C5-0.5CU as shown below:



Why are the power adapters being recalled?

E.ON's primary concern is the safety of its customers. This recall is a precautionary measure which is being taken after independent tests showed there is a small failure rate with two models of its power adapters. In extremely rare instances the casing around affected power adapters can come loose, potentially creating an electrical safety risk if they’re not switched off at the socket first.

How are customers being told about the recall?

In addition to this media release and information on its website, E.ON is also notifying affected customers via its social media channels, letter, and by email and text where possible, advising them to stop using the power adapters straight away.  E.ON is also notifying a number of key consumer advocacy groups about the recall.

What should customers do?

As a precaution, customers are being advised to switch off their power supply at the wall, unplug their in home display and stop using the power adapter immediately.

What should customers do with their power adapters once they’ve removed them?

Customers are being asked to take the power adapters to their local recycling centre if this is convenient. They should keep hold of their in home display as a replacement power adapter will be sent out.

When will customers receive their replacement power adapters?

Replacement power adapters will be sent out to customers free of charge from September 2016, along with a pre-paid envelope so customers who haven’t recycled their power adapters can return them to E.ON.

Will customers’ smart meters be affected by this recall?

Customers’ smart meters aren’t impacted by this change – they’ll work as normal and customers will continue to receive accurate bills. However, customers’ in home displays won’t work until they have their replacement power adapters and E.ON apologises for the inconvenience this may cause.

What about people who’ve left E.ON since receiving their in home display?

As well as this media statement and notifying a number of key consumer advocacy groups about the recall, information is included on E.ON’s website at eonenergy.com/recall to help raise awareness about the recall.

How can people find out more?

For more information and guidance, customers should visit eonenergy.com/recall.


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