Is it summer yet? Majority of Brits spend winter wishing for summer

Gabby Allen, Love Island Finalist
I just love summer – nothing cheers me up like a sunny day. When it comes to beating the winter blues, I really make an effort to adapt my favourite summer activities for the colder months, and also try to make my home as cosy as possible.
Gabby Allen, Love Island Finalist
  • New research reveals that 60% of Brits wish it was summer all year round

  • Brits would give up mobile phones, takeaways and chocolate to have a longer summer

  • The top pick-me up in winter is a cosy night in, and the thing Brits miss most is having a drink outside in the evening

  • E.ON and Love Island’s Gabby Allen team up this winter to bring a ‘Shot Of Summer’ to London with a three-day pop-up event and share tips on how to winter-proof your life and home

As winter sets in, new research from E.ON1 reveals that more than a fifth (21%) of Brits would be willing to give up their mobile phones for a longer summer. With cosy nights in listed as the biggest pick-me-up over the winter period, E.ON has partnered with Love Island 2017 finalist, Gabby Allen, to share advice on how to get a shot of summer this winter.

Most (60%) Brits reveal they feel happier in summer than in winter so it’s no surprise that almost a third of us would give up takeaways (29%), a quarter would give up chocolate (25%) and one in seven (14%) would pay money to have a longer summertime. Being outside is what we miss most about summer with almost half (49%) of us missing having a drink outdoors in the evening, closely followed by going to the park or a beach (40%) and having BBQs and picnics (37%).

The worst things cited about winter are the weather (63%), getting colds (55%), shorter days (54%) and commuting in the dark (42%). Sadly we can’t stop winter from coming which is why E.ON has partnered with Gabby Allen to share advice on how to winter-proof your life and home. Gabby says: “I just love summer – nothing cheers me up like a sunny day. When it comes to beating the winter blues, I really make an effort to adapt my favourite summer activities for the colder months, and also try to make my home as cosy as possible.”

This winter, E.ON is inviting the public to attend its ‘Shot of Summer’ event in London – a warm bright bubble where you can relax, have fun and even have a chance to see Gabby. People can also visit E.ON to find out more about E.ON’s advice and solutions to help make homes cosier this winter.

Gabby Allen’s tips for bringing a shot of summer to winter:

  • Let’s get physical. Seven in ten (72%) of us find it difficult to get out of bed on winter mornings, which makes it harder to hit the gym. My solution is to bring the gym to you. There are so many work-outs you can do in the comfort of your own home – like squats, lunges and ab work-outs. Get the endorphin buzz you need in winter and get summer ready at the same time, win-win!

  • Summer soundtrack all year round. Personally, some songs just scream summer and I can’t help dancing along to them. When I’m out and about, I pop my headphones in and listen to the top hits from summer – it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  • Keep cosy with a twist. 85% of us want to keep cosy in winter, and half of us want comfort food. I like to combine the two – but with a summery twist. Why not invite some friends over, cook up a big bowl of paella, and re-live those summery Spanish nights. Even better with sangria.

  • Going green. Many of us prefer to spend time indoors in winter so why not bring the outside in with a few summery plants. Flowers always add a bit of cheer, and I love mini cacti because they’re low maintenance. To top it off, I always have mint at home because it gives off such a summery smell.

  • Get beachy. Jetting off for some summer sun isn’t always possible, but you can keep that beachy look. For girls, salt-spray is a must for that beachy hair, and I use a winter bronzer so I’m always looking sun kissed. For guys, get some hair styling wax for that surfer look.


Top tips for winter-proofing your home by Mike Feely, Energy Efficiency Expert at E.ON:

  • Did you know that getting proper insulation could save you up to £285 a year in lost heat? E.ON is currently offering free cavity wall and loft insulation regardless of your current energy supplier2.

  • Ask your energy supplier about installing a smart meter to ensure you can effectively monitor your energy use. E.ON customers should visit eonenergy.com/smart for information about smart meters and to see if they’re able to get one installed. If eligible, they can also book an appointment online.

  • Installing a smart thermostat, such as tadoo from E.ON, can help you control the temperature at home with your phone, saving energy while you’re out and getting your home cosy for when you return.

  • You could also save up to £210 off your annual energy bill3 by replacing an inefficient boiler. E.ON has a replacement boiler offer where you can get interest free finance for up to four years.

  • Check you’re on the right tariff for you – from fixed to green tariffs, there are lots of options. You can also use free online tools like E.ON See to help you see how much energy you’re using.

  • Finally, why not explore new technology solutions like solar and battery technology. With E.ON Solar and Storage you can just type in your postcode to see your savings and cost.

E.ON’s ‘Shot of Summer’ event is open from 7am–7pm in Finsbury Avenue Square, next to Liverpool Street Station in London, from Wednesday 22nd- Friday 24th November. To find out more about E.ON’s winter tips and smarter customer solutions, visit eonenergy.com.


Notes to editors

  1. Based on research conducted by OnePoll in October 2017 among 2,000 British adults.

  2. Source: energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/cavity-wall

  3. Source: energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-energy-efficiency/boiler-replacement

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