Shower ballad Brits


  • Brits spend 100 hours in the bath and shower each year
  • Lengthy showers cause arguments in nearly two million households
  • More than a quarter of UK adults listen to music in the shower, with Rihanna coming top for a shower sing-along


The battle for the bathroom is rife across Britain according to new research from energy company E.ON1. Nearly two million households (11%) are hosting arguments with partners or housemates about the amount of time spent in the bathroom2.


Men are most likely to be irritated by lengthy lathering, with a fifth accusing their partner of showering for too long compared to 15% of women. Despite this, the modern man is actually just as likely to take his time lathering up as the ladies - men shower for nine minutes on average and women just over at nine and a half.


Lather lovers

Although the study found the daily shower is a thing of the past for almost half (49%) of the population, the UK is still a nation of lather-lovers with bathing Brits spending nearly 100 hours in the bath and shower every year3. Making time to really enjoy our scrub down, we now favour quality over quantity, with the average shower taking just over nine minutes and each soak in the bath almost 20 minutes4.


The study of British bathing habits shows that it's the younger generation who appreciate a lengthy soak, with those aged 18 - 24 taking up to 25% longer in the bath5 and twice as long in the shower6 compared to those in their later years. As a nation however, we could save more than £207 per household on our energy bills each year by cutting just two minutes off our shower time.




Contributing to time spent in the bathroom, we're not shy when it comes to belting out the shower ballads, with one in four (26%) listening to music and one in seven (15%) singing to themselves.    


The research also showed that:

  • BBC Radio 2 is the shower-station of choice, as a fifth (21%) of people who listen to the radio while showering tune in;
  • Meanwhile Nick Grimshaw and Dave Berry go (shower) head-to-head - with just under half (48%) of 18-24 year olds choosing BBC Radio 1 or Capital FM's breakfast shows;
  • Men prefer the talk-orientated BBC Radio Five Live while women are on a washing wavelength with BBC Radio 4;
  • Rihanna is the most popular artist to listen to in the shower.


Top water-warblers

When it comes to musical genre, the UK is overwhelmingly mainstream as more than half (55%) opt for pop or chart classics. For the slightly edgier among us, rock came second, with hip-hop and RnB in third place.


Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON, comments: "It's clear the battle for the bathroom is a hot topic for many households. Many of us are guilty of spending too long in the shower. We'd urge people to think about speeding up their shower time which might help family harmony at the same time as cutting energy use, and also to also find out about the other small changes that can help cut energy waste."


Choosing your scrub-down soundtrack wisely is one way to keep your shower time to a minimum whilst still enjoying the moment.


E.ON suggests the following song combinations to help the UK reduce lather-time by two minutes, to around seven minutes long:

  1. If pop's your thing, try Rihanna's Diamonds (3:45) and Where Have You Been (4:02);
  2. For rocking out, Queen's classics Bohemian Rhapsody (5:55) and We Will Rock You (2:01) will do the trick;
  3. RnB and hip hop fans can belt out Miguel's Adorn (3.14) and Lil Wayne's Love Me (4.15).


E.ON's top tips for saving energy and cash in the bathroom:

  • The type of shower head you have has a big impact on the amount of water you use. Fitting your shower head with a water-efficient one instead will help curb the cost;
  • Many modern showers heat up immediately so there is no need to run them before getting in;
  • A hot bath or shower helps to heat up the whole bathroom. Taking simple steps such as shutting the bathroom door will keep the heat in - and help save money on your heating bill - but don't forget to ventilate your bathroom afterwards to prevent condensation;
  • Remember to bring everything you need into the bathroom so you don't leave the shower running if you need to jump out and grab things.


For more ways to save energy, please visit eonenergy.com.



Notes to editors:

  • 1. All stats based on research carried out amongst 2,699 UK adults by Vision Critical in March 2013 unless otherwise stated.
  • 2. There are 26.3 million households in the UK, of which 71% have multiple occupants.

71% of 263,000,000 = 18,673,000

85% of households have a shower. 85% of 18,673,000 = 15,872,050

11% of 15,872,050 = 1,745,925

  • 3. Average shower time is 9.3 minutes. Average bath time is 19.5 minutes. We have 5.2 showers and 3.4 baths on average each week:

9.3 x 5.2 = 48.36mins

19.5 x 3.4 = 66.3 mins

= 114.66 mins in the bath and shower each week

114.66 x 52 weeks in the year = 99.37 hours

  • 4. Average shower time is 9.3 minutes, average bath time is 19.5 minutes
  • 5. 18-24 year olds spend an average 13.1 mins in the shower, compared to 65+ who spend 7.4 mins
  • 6. 18-24 year olds spend an average 22.3 mins in the bath, compared to 65+ who spend 16.6 mins

•7.    Current UK shower heating cost per year:

Litres used in a year per person = Number of litres used per minute x average time spent in the shower x average number of showers per week x days in the year.

10.8 litres per minute * 9.3 minutes per shower on average * 0.7 showers per day * 365 days per year = 25,662.42 litres.

25,662.42 litres requires 993.94 kWh gas (source: E.ON). Gas unit rate = 4.33p/kWh (source: E.ON). 993.94 kWh gas supplied * 4.33p/kWh = £43.04

Shower cost per year with two minute off average shower time:

10.8 litres per minute * 7.3 minutes per shower * 0.7 showers per day * 365 days per year = 20,143.62 litres.


20,143.62 litres requires 780.19 kWh gas (source: E.ON). 780.19 kWh gas supplied * 4.33p/kWh = £33.78

Total shower heating cost saving per person = £9.26

Average number of people per UK household is 2.33 (Communities & Local Government, 2010).

£9.26 x 2.33 = £21.58



About E.ON:

  • E.ON is one of the UK's leading power and gas companies - generating electricity, retailing power and gas, developing gas storage and undertaking gas and oil exploration and production. It is part of the E.ON group, one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. E.ON employs around 12,000 people in the UK and more than 79,000 worldwide;
  • In the UK, E.ON supplies power and gas to around five million domestic, small and medium-sized enterprise and industrial customers - meaning the company has to buy approximately 122.7 billion kWh of power and gas each year to meet their needs. E.ON also offers innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet its customers' needs, and is helping customers become energy efficient by encouraging them to insulate their homes, moderate their energy usage and even generate their own power;
  • E.ON's Reset Review continues to identify and discuss changes with customers through its 28,000-strong YourSay panel, its independent Customer Council comprising business leader Allan Leighton, ex-MP and Select Committee chair Paddy Tipping and E.ON Customer Service Advisor Joanne Sheridan, its 1,000-strong MySay employee panel and through discussions with consumer advocacy groups such as Which? and Consumer Futures. Changes made to date include: helping customers control their bills: fair prices, simple products, transparent profits, a fairer way of paying: providing stability to help households budget, improving customer service: consistency, easier contact, and the confidence to complain;
  • E.ON has topped several categories - including best for overall customer satisfaction, best value for money and best reward scheme - to be voted Britain's favourite energy supplier 2012 in the uSwitch.com Customer Satisfaction Awards. The independent report and awards are published annually and are based on a YouGov poll of over 5,000 energy customers;
  • E.ON's generation portfolio includes world-class gas-, coal- and oil-fired power stations. E.ON is a market leader in combined heat and power (CHP), and is one of the UK's leading green generators with 23 wind farms and the UK's first wave power generator, with another 1,500MW of renewable capacity under development;
  • One of the many ways E.ON leads the energy industry is through its commitment to market liquidity and transparency as evidenced by its actions on the day-ahead UK power markets including the N2EX auction. E.ON was the first company to sign a gross-bidding agreement with N2EX and leads the market with a volume equivalent to some 60% of E.ON UK's generation activity being traded so far this year.


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