Business Heat and Power Solutions

Business Heat CHP owns and operates the combined heat and power interests of E.ON UK. Combined heat and power (CHP) works by merging the production of useful heat and power into one single, efficient process. We have invested over £480 million in schemes in the UK and continue to be the market leader in the large-scale end of the CHP market. Our CHP portfolio is made up of plants with capacities of 472 MWe of electricity and 840 MWth of heat respectively with customers including NHS hospitals, food and chemical industries, utilities and industrial scale manufacturers.

A CHP plant is typically made up of a gas turbine, waste heat recovery boiler and steam turbine. The gas turbine generates electricity and the useable heat produced during this process is captured to be supplied to a customer. This varies from conventional power production where large volumes of heat are released into the atmosphere. As a result, the plant has a more efficient means of generating energy. Because the energy is supplied locally, CHP plants also avoid losses through transmission and distribution of electricity. The end result is a cost and carbon saving technology.

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