Site Statistics
Location South of New Cumnock, East Ayrshire
Project scope  27 turbines 
Turbine height  80m to hub, 120m to tip 
Total power Up to 74MW
† except five turbines which have 60m hub / 100m tip to improve visual design, as agreed with Scottish Natural Heritage

Latest news

June 2016

We have submitted four separate planning applications to Dumfries and Galloway Council to install four temporary anemometer (met) mast on the Afton wind farm site.  We will be using the masts to gather additional information about the wind and other weather-related data that will help us with the construction of the site. If they are consented, two of the met masts will be up to 60m in height and two met masts will be up to 80m in height.

April 2016

Afton’s Phase 1 pre-construction works covering the discharge of the Planning Conditions and Detailed Design works started in December 2015. The phase 2 construction enabling work involves upgrading of public roads along the access route and the establishment of a compound area and the first borrow pit on site and is due to begin in the summer of July 2016. We plan that the Phase 3 works which covers the remaining Balance of Plant and turbine installation works and which is due to commence at the start of 2017. 

April 2015

Since October, we’ve been working with various statutory consultees in order to vary the planning permission and ensure that the project is as well designed as possible.

As a result of this work we have agreed with the Scottish Government, in consultation with East Ayrshire Council, Scottish Natural Heritage and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, to submit an application supported by an Environmental Statement to ensure the proposed variations can be assessed and considered by all relevant consultees. The scoping report to document our Section 36 variation proposals has now been submitted and approved

October 2014

We’re delighted to receive consent from the Scottish Government for our Afton onshore wind proposal. We have always believed Afton to be an ideal location for a wind farm and a lot of hard work and effort, over a number of years, has gone into making this project what it is today.
Throughout the development process, we’ve been committed to keeping local people informed on our proposals and have taken on board their feedback to minimise the environmental impact of the wind farm. We now look forward to moving this project forward and consulting with the local community on the next steps.
Since 2001, E.ON has invested over £600m in renewable energy in Scotland. This project will not only create a number of opportunities for local businesses, which we believe will have a positive impact on the local economy, but also play a vital part in helping the Scottish Government with its renewable energy targets

Why Afton?

The site has an excellent wind resource and is located over 6km from the nearest village of New Cumnock. The majority of the village is visually screened by the range containing Hare Hill and Blackcraig Hill. The site lies within one of Scottish Natural Heritage's 'Low Sensitivity' zones making it one of the most suitable areas in East Ayrshire. The wind farm will be adjacent to existing turbines at Windy Standard wind farm, just over the border in Dumfries and Galloway.

The turbine layout has been designed to minimise visual impact while also remaining feasible and capable of satisfying all the constraints from various competing interests. The Environmental Statement submitted for the scheme details extensive environmental assessment and design work carried out over a period of around two years to satisfy Local Plan and Ayrshire Structure Plan policies and respond to the needs of Statutory Consultees assessing the application.