Open the door to a career in STEM

Find inspiration in surprising places and tackle new and exciting challenges every single day. Where can a job in STEM take you?

A week at E.ON

Studying STEM provides a great platform for a job in energy. But what could that job look like? As you’ll see from our video, no two days working at E.ON are ever alike!

E.ON Apprentices

Ready to take your STEM skills to the next level? Our apprenticeships programme is open to anyone looking for work experience at one of the UK’s biggest energy providers. You’ll learn from experienced professionals and discover what it takes to succeed in our fast-moving sector. 

Even more STEM roles to choose from

E.ON is packed full of brilliant people who use their STEM skills every day to innovate, solve problems and conquer new engineering feats. Visit our careers section to find a role that may suit you.  

Find out more about STEM

In the mood for extra STEM inspiration? Check out EngineeringUK or Tomorrow’s Engineering to learn more about the variety and opportunity presented by a career in modern engineering.