Tax Strategy Disclosure

E.ON UK plc Group

Managing our taxes responsibly

We’ve published our tax strategy as part of our commitment to complying with UK tax obligations. 

The publication of this tax strategy statement is regarded as satisfying the statutory obligation under Para 16(2), Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016, for the financial year ending 31 December 2019. This strategy applies to all E.ON SE group of companies within the UK of which the tax representative company is E.ON UK plc. The strategy is aligned with the E.ON SE Group Tax Guidelines and is approved, owned and overseen by the board of directors of E.ON UK plc.


E.ON UK plc organisational structure

This tax strategy statement applies to E.ON UK Holding Company Limited (the ultimate UK parent company) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, including E.ON UK plc, and certain direct and indirect subsidiaries of E.ON SE which are incorporated within the United Kingdom (the “E.ON UK Group”).

E.ON UK plc is the tax representative company for the E.ON UK Group and is an indirect subsidiary of E.ON SE.


Ensuring tax compliance

We are committed to complying with UK tax obligations and we operate within the E.ON SE Group’s Tax Guidelines. The E.ON UK Group is liable to a broad range of UK taxes including corporation tax, VAT, employer national insurance, business rates, climate change levy and stamp duty land tax. Compliance for us means paying the right amount of tax at the right time, completing accurate returns whilst also recognising available legislative concessions and reliefs.

Systems, processes and controls are central to ensuring compliance and as part of our statutorily required Senior Accounting Officer procedures, we conduct regular system and control checks to ensure robust and appropriate tax accounting arrangements. We share our findings with HMRC as part of our open and collaborative working relationship.


Attitude towards tax planning

When considering the structure of our commercial activities, we take account of a number of factors including consideration of the tax laws of the countries in which we operate.  We do not take an unreasonable stance on our interpretation of tax legislation and we strive to work within both the letter and spirit of local laws.

We embrace the E.ON SE Group’s Tax Guidelines and we do not engage in aggressive tax planning and do not participate in artificial tax avoidance schemes to reduce our UK tax liability. Any tax planning undertaken by us will have commercial and economic substance, and we will have regard to the potential impact on our reputation and broader goals.


Level of tax risk accepted

The scale and complexity of our business and therein the volume of our tax obligations, means that inevitably risks will arise. We ensure that where risks do arise, they are identified, evaluated and managed proactively to be within the overall E.ON SE Group’s Tax Guidelines. 

For certain transactions where there is a material level of uncertainty or complexity, we will seek external advice to help reduce risk. Based on the dedication and skills of our tax teams, we will apply professional diligence and care in all our actions in relation to tax matters.  


Relationship with HMRC

E.ON UK plc, as the tax representative company for the E.ON UK Group, engages proactively with HMRC and has a strong professional, transparent and co-operative working relationship with them. If we are unclear on how tax law should be applied, we may engage with HMRC in advance of undertaking transactions to confirm the correct application of tax law. 

In the event of a disagreement with HMRC, we aim to resolve disputes in a timely manner through the provision of full and accurate answers to queries, open and honest dialogue and the willingness wherever possible to reach an agreement without recourse to litigation. Our aim is to be seen as a low-risk taxpayer from HMRC’s perspective.

Frank Kolan
Executive Vice President Tax

Christian Barr
Chief Financial Officer and Director