Our relationship to Uniper

Empowering customers, Shaping markets

On 30 November 2014, the E.ON SE Supervisory Board unanimously approved a new group strategy for E.ON: "Empowering customers. Shaping markets". A key part of this strategy was to combine our conventional generation and international energy trading businesses into a new independent company, Uniper, which launched on 1 January 2016.


A major contributor to the UK energy mix

Uniper owns and operates a portfolio of conventional power and gas assets in the UK. Their experience and expertise bring a range of energy products and services to the wholesale UK energy market, from gas supply to power generation. Uniper includes an engineering division, that provides a broad range of engineering services, from pre-investment to decommissioning.

One of the UK's leading power producers

Uniper's power plants use a range of fuels to make a real contribution to Britain's supply security.

Power generated by Uniper is available to the UK market, and their trading activities mean they also provide services for the UK system operator to balance supply and demand. Uniper also buy and sell natural gas, which can be transported to the UK via pipelines or via LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals. They own a stake in BBL; a 235 kilometre pipeline between Balgzand in the Netherlands and Bacton in the UK. They also own significant long-term regasification capacity at the Grain LNG terminal in Kent, to convert LNG back to natural gas.

In addition, Uniper own and operate a gas storage facility in Holford in Cheshire and two high pressure gas pipelines, from Theddlethorpe to Killingholme and from Blyborough to Cottam, in the northeast of England.

Transparency: Uniper power plant and gas storage availability

Uniper's generation availability and gas storage are available to view on their remit site.