Energy through the ages: how has it changed in the home?

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Posted 10/08/2016 by E.ON

If you’ve ever sighed over the ever-growing pile of washing in your laundry basket or the time it takes to prepare something to eat after work, then spare a thought for previous generations.

Fancy a cuppa? While our grandparents may have had to boil a heavy copper kettle on a stove, we can simply flick a switch and have hot water in a few minutes.

For a long time, progress meant using more energy to make our lives simpler. But in recent years there has been a big push towards using less energy and making our appliances more cost-effective.

Nowhere is the change in our energy use more evident than in the kitchen, where we use many of these developments on a daily basis.

Smart meters are the latest devices that help put you in control of your energy use.

By fitting a smart meter that links up wirelessly to monitor energy use in your home, you can keep track of how much you’re using, which appliances use more, and also set yourself daily or weekly budgets to keep an eye on what you’re spending.

Take a closer look at our interactive kitchen timeline to see for yourself just how far we’ve come.

We’re installing smart meters for all of our eligible customers that would like them. Read more about smart meters to find out how they’ll help you save time and money, and don’t forget to book your free installation.

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