7 time saving apps every household needs

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Posted 19/08/2016 by E.ON

There are apps to help you with security, meal planning and monitoring your energy usage. There are apps that count steps, count calories and track your water supply. So what do you really need? Well to help you get on top of things at home, we’ve compiled our list of the very best household apps, including some of our own.

1. Next generation filing - Evernote

Cost: Free; iOS and Android

Who it’s for: Anyone with a cabinet full of important papers or a desk covered in half used notepads.

What they say: ‘Evernote lets you capture, nurture and share your ideas across any device.’

What we say: There’s more to Evernote than inspiration. It will collect all of your to-do lists and important documents in one place. Then you can file them in project folders. So locating that pesky shopping list is easy peasy.

The best bit: It doesn’t matter what format your notes are in. With Evernote, you can type information in, take a picture of it or even download it from another device. Perfect for when you’re in a rush and need to scribble a quick reminder.

2. Keeping an eye on an rel="noopener noreferrer" empty house - Manything

Cost: Free; iOS

Who it’s for: People who want a little extra security.

What they say: ‘Turn your old smartphone into a video monitoring camera’.

What we say: Not only will you feel like a spy, but that old iPhone 4 won’t be taking up space at the back of a drawer anymore! Using your old smartphone as a camera, you can live stream a feed from your home and monitor what’s going on whilst you’re at work. Set the camera to record constantly, or to activate as soon as it senses motion.

The best bit: ‘Detection zones’ allow you to block out areas where you don’t want to trigger a motion alert.

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3. Meal planning for busy families rel="noopener noreferrer" - AnyList

Cost: Free; iOS

Who it’s for: People who want to make the weekly shop less of a chore.

What they say: ‘The best way to create and share grocery shopping lists’.

What we say: AnyList lets you easily plan your meals for the week by creating ongoing shopping lists that your partner or flatmate can also edit. Less chance of forgetting the cereal then!

The best bit: You can collect and edit your favourite recipes too. Plus, the meal planning calendar lets you sync shopping lists with a monthly calendar so you know what you’re eating when. It’ll also help you keep track of how much you’re spending and make use of those money-saving leftovers.

4. Moving rel="noopener noreferrer" house made simple - Sortly

Cost: Free; iOS

Who it’s for: Organisation geeks, hoarders or house-movers.

What they say: ‘The ultimate organiser app’.

What we say: This is invaluable if you’re moving house, have extensive storage or are a collector. You can keep track of all your belongings by taking photos, grouping items together and creating QR labels for boxes. Clever. (Oh, and don’t forget to tell us when you’re moving using your in-app checklist, so we can transfer your E.ON account over to your new property).

The best bit: You can also add details about purchase dates and warranty codes to items in your inventory. Plus, you can sync Sortly to Evernote, so you can view your lists whenever you use either app.

5.    Watching the water - Dropcountr

Cost: Free; iOS and Android

Who it’s for: The green-minded and thrifty.

What they say: ‘Take control of your water bill’.

What we say: Dropcountr helps you understand what affects your water bill and why. You can set goals to save water, view comparison charts to see when you use the most water and even view real time data.

The best bit: You can identify a water leak before it costs you money. By partnering with water utilities, the app can notify you of any problems with your system.

6.   Energy on the go - E.ON

Cost: Free; iOS and Android

Who it’s for: E.ON customers who want more control of their energy account.

What we say: Out and about, but worried about your energy bill? Don’t panic – with the E.ON app, you can make a payment, submit meter readings, activate our rewards scheme and manage your account on the go. So, everything is covered, no matter where you are. Plus, we’re continually updating the app so you’ll get the very best service and features with each new release.

The best bit: You can access the app quickly and securely with the latest fingerprint technology (available rel="noopener noreferrer" on iOS only), as well as tracking your energy usage over time. It makes managing your energy account much simpler.

Download app from iTunes

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7.   Helpful heating - E.ON Touch

Cost: £199 including thermostat, installations and app; iOS and Android for E.ON customers only

Who it’s for: Technology enthusiasts who want to keep track of their heating and hot water on the go.

What we say: If you want to control your heating and hot water from your smartphone, and you’re ready to invest in a smart thermostat, this is the app for you. E.ON Touch means the end of coming home to a cold house in the winter. Instead, you can heat up your house when you leave the office - all managed straight from your smartphone. You can even check if you’ve left the boiler on; if you have, you can switch it off remotely with a touch of your smartphone.

The best bit: You can easily set a schedule for when you want your heating and hot water to come on. And it’s no problem if you want to change it as a one-off – the temporary override feature won’t alter your main schedule.

With so many new ideas to help revolutionise your energy usage, water usage, schedule and shopping, it seems like apps really are the future. Constant updates and new releases mean that the world of apps is set to be an exciting and unpredictable one. 

We’re pretty excited about the future of apps at E.ON and what they offer our customers. Learn more about our E.ON app here and E.ON Touch here. For now, we’ll be busy organising this week’s meal plan and checking our to-do lists…

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