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We’re saying thank you to get our customers smiling

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Thank you from E.ON

If you had to say thank you to just one person today, who would it be? Here at E.ON we’re saying thank you to our customers. That doesn’t just mean giving them a great service, but also showing our appreciation in fun and personal ways.

Often it’s easy to neglect the little things and forget what we take for granted. So in the season of goodwill, we’re taking this opportunity to stop and think about who we rely on, and what we have to say thanks for.

We’re making thank yous a priority. And in the process we’ve discovered even more reasons why we should all say thank you more often.

Act small, think big

Most of us will say thank you to someone offering their seat, or serving us food. But why isn’t it so easy to say thank you to the people close to you – the people you rely on every day?

Recognising the people who use your service and are dedicated to your business demands necessary time and attention. But while smaller businesses may have more opportunities to do this for their customers, it doesn’t mean the bigger companies shouldn’t do it too.

We know that every customer has a voice and we want to hear what they have to say. And that’s why we’re saying a massive thank you to every single one.

The thank you exchange

Thanks to social media and review sites like TripAdvisor, new businesses like Airbnb have grown out of an economy of saying thank you and recognising great customer service. It’s called the Thank You Economy, and at E.ON we’re making sure we’re part of that community.

The Thank You Economy is based on trust and helping each other. It’s about building relationships and recognising every positive customer experience. And that all comes down to behavioural science – understanding what makes humans tick.

So now for the clever bit. We all know the power of the smile – it can make someone’s day. But did you know a ‘thank you’ can do the same? It’s been proven that if you receive a message with a ‘thank you’, you’re more likely to respond to the message’s request. In fact, over 106% more likely according to PsychCentral.

So feeling appreciated is proven to make people happier and more open. And when our customers are happy, we’re happy.

Thank you from E.ON customer advisors

Where does E.ON fit in?

So with behavioural science and the Thank You Economy on our side, we’re certain that saying thanks is the way forward. That means saying thank you to our customers in lots of ways - from the small and handy to the big and spectacular.

As a thank you for choosing us, we want to make sure our customers don’t miss a chance to save. We’re looking out for our customers by offering nice little extras - everything from a discount on your bill if you have both electricity and gas with us, to money off if you go paperless.

To be able to thank someone in a meaningful way you have to know something about that individual. That’s why as part of our nice little extras we bring you more information about competitions, new services, and any special offers specific to your needs. Make sure you update your marketing preferences if you haven't already, so we can keep you up to date.

Saying thank you can also be fun. Members of our customer service team have been revealing their funny side to show you just how much we care. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to see them in action… literally!

We’re also letting you in on the fun with our Wheel of Extras. It gives all our customers a spin a day – with a chance to win £1,500 towards their energy bills, and prizes such as home theatre kits, tablets, and free Sky Q with a Sky Cinema package for a year. That’s one way a thank you can put a smile on your face.

To our customers… and beyond

It’s clear that appreciation goes a long way. But sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in the things you wish had gone better and forget to appreciate what you’ve achieved. Saying thank you offers you and the person you’re thanking the chance to recognise what you’ve done well together.

We want all our customers to feel appreciated for their dedication – whether that’s by putting a smile on their face one day to helping them out for the year. Discover how we’re saying thank you to our customers through all the nice little extras we have to offer.

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