Complaints at E.ON and how we deal with them

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Posted 11/05/2016 by E.ON

We take any expression of dissatisfaction seriously, whether this be via our online form or over the telephone. Unhappiness can be expressed from either a customer or from someone speaking on behalf of a customer.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been trying to make our complaints service simpler and easier for customers to understand, as we believe it’s important to provide great service to everyone.

For impartial advice on making a complaint to an energy company, the Ombudsman is a great source of information.

You may have read about the unhappy Virgin Atlantic rel="noopener noreferrer" traveller and his complaint letter that was rumoured to have led to a job offer from Sir rel="noopener noreferrer" Richard Branson. You might also find these BBC TV complaints including claiming one of the Eggheads is “not clever enough” an interesting read.

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Let’s have a look at the complaints we get and what we do about them.

How many complaints we get on average

In the first quarter (January, February and March) of 2016 we received 139,526 complaints. We resolved 67% of them in less than a day ,and it took us between a day and eight weeks to fix 23% of them. The other 10% of these are still going through the steps we take to resolve complaints.

What are most of our complaints about?

On average, 43% of our complaints last year were about customer service. To improve this we’re working with the team, providing further training and making the conversations they have with customers easier, through removing the jargon.

An average of 27% of our complaints in 2015 were around bills and letters – this is why we’ve worked on our Energy Saving Toolkit to help you see the energy you’re using and use only what you need.


Complaints about payments made up an average of 14% so we’re working on better ways for you to pay – Smart Pay As You Go is coming and with it the option to pay for your energy whenever or wherever you like.

We’re working on reducing the 11% of complaints we got about metering by installing more and more smart meters. We’ve fitted around 450,000 smart meters now, and we will increase this number dramatically throughout this year.

The remaining 5% of complaints for the year were about our systems and issues that don’t fit into the above categories – we’re learning from and working on these too.

We work closely with the Ombudsman and colleagues around our company to make sure we’re putting our customers first. Find out more about how we service our customers

Our complaints research

As part of our commitment to be honest and open with our customers, we’ve done some research with an independent research agency. We contacted customers who had recently raised a complaint and asked how satisfied they were with the overall handling of it, the outcome and how fairly they felt they were treated. The results:

Independent complaints satisfaction research

Oct 14

May 15

Sep 15

Dec 15

Overall satisfaction





Resolution satisfaction





Agreed treated fairly






To continue this commitment of being open and honest we’ll be posting our quarterly complaints report and letting you know what we’re doing to make things better. You can also find this information on our complaints page.

If there’s rel="noopener noreferrer" something you’d like to talk to us about you can find us on Facebook or tweet us @eonhelp.

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