How do children imagine the future of energy?

Boy with crystal ball
Posted 02/09/2016 by E.ON

What does the future hold for the way we generate and use energy? It can be a complicated and frustrating question to answer, with very little agreement on what’s in store for future generations.

Thankfully, for the children who will be shaping that future, things look a lot less complicated and a lot more fun.

We asked a group of young children to imagine how they think we will be using energy in the coming years and draw it as a picture; needless to say, the future looks amazing.

From solar powered rainbows to flying Segways, and energy powered by love and bananas - it’s clear the future is something to get excited about.

Take a look at these great designs below, and see how one artist took the initial blueprints and turned them into brilliant paintings. 

The Future of Energy

That's the future... so what's happening now?

While these ideas may have to remain on the drawing board for the time being, there are still ways you can embrace the future of energy right now. New technologies are helping us take better control of our energy use and be more efficient - even when we're not at home.

Smart meters are devices that have been developed to help put you in control of your energy use. It’s completely free to have one installed, and will help you track the energy you’re using and how much you’re spending through wireless technology.

Besides, it’ll get you saving towards that solar powered rainbow

Read more about smart meters from E.ON or book your free smart meter installation.

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