10 tips for a nifty and thrifty Christmas

10 tips for a nifty and thrifty Christmas
Posted 05/12/2017 by E.ON

Whether you’re rushing to get your last few gifts or making sure your home’s ready for the family, it’s a busy - and costly - time of year. So we’ve come up with some clever and cost-effective tips to get you through the festive season.

Bring back summer with our top tips to beat the winter blues. From keeping your outlook sunny with solar energy, to ways to keep your home cosy, we’ll warm you up this Christmas.  



Enter our Winter Warmer prize draw and get that warm and fuzzy feeling this Christmas. We’re giving away a holiday worth £5,000, tado° smart thermostats, Amazon Echos, plus vouchers and other cash prizes. 

Tried untangling those Christmas lights and given up? Don’t lose hope! We’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide to help you get your lights Christmas tree ready .


Did you know that one tree makes just 8,333 sheets of paper? To save as much as you can, go paperless with us and help save a Christmas tree this year. And depending on the tariff you choose, you could save up to £10 a year on your bill too!

This season, why not do something to help vulnerable people who might not be able to enjoy Christmas like they used to. Our charity partner Alzheimer’s Society is hosting Elf Walks across the country. Just grab a pair of giant elf ears and start fundraising for those affected by dementia today! 

Save on energy this Christmas and make your own draught excluder. A clever one to keep the kids entertained over the holidays – or even a crafty afternoon for you!

Make your own draught excluder - E.ON

Get more ideas to entertain and inspire your kids to save energy with our free educational resources.


When the whole family’s on the sofa stuffed full of mince pies, what better than a Christmas quiz to spring them all into action? Here’s our Powering Christmas Quiz to get you full of energy again:

1. In which decade was the iconic image of Santa in a red suit created? A. 1910s B. 1920s C. 1930s

2. What’s the highest grossing Christmas film of all time? A. Home Alone B. It’s A Wonderful Life C. Elf

3. How tall was the world’s tallest Christmas tree? A. 111ft B. 221ft C. 331ft

4. What musical instrument do elves have on their shoes? A. Triangles B. Bells C. Drums

5. On the 12th Day of Christmas, what did the singer’s true love send to them, according to the famous carol? A. 12 Drummers Drumming B. 12 Pipers Piping C. 12 Ladies Dancing

Looking forward to a Christmas getaway with the family? Don’t forget to check your home and switch off lights and heating to help avoid energy drains over the festive season. And if you’re worried about how much energy you’ll be using, we’ve got loads more handy tips and advice on how to keep costs down this winter.

It may be cold outside, but it’s well worth braving the chill to visit a Christmas light display this year. So here are our five favourite festive lights in the UK, starting with:

Christmas at Kew Gardens
The Magical Lantern Festival in Birmingham
The Christmas lights and giant tree on Paradise Street, Liverpool

The heating’s on and the turkey’s in the oven… Christmas is a busy time for energy use. But do you know exactly what’s using what? Here are some eye-opening statistics about where your energy is going this holiday. Did you know…

- That LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less power than normal fairy lights?
- Turning off a high-usage appliance like a new TV can save you around 10% of power?
- Turning down your heating by just one degree on the thermostat can save around £30 every year?

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