How would you spend the money you save by switching energy tariffs?

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Posted 04/12/2017 by E.ON

Currently the Ofgem national average UK household could save up to £200, so we caught up with some UK bloggers to ask them what they’d do if they saved money by switching to our E.ON Go Online tariff.

Big holidays

“When I put in my details it came up with a total saving of £284.76 a year,” says Cat . “That's more than my monthly mortgage payment! Rather than using it for that though – sensible parent and all that – I'd probably pay for a family trip somewhere.”

And we found that Cat’s not alone, with most people’s first thoughts leading them straight to the nearest airport, regardless of how much money they could be saving. “I'd save £24 over the year,” says Helena .That might not sound like a lot, but it would buy a ticket for me to see my mum in Spain. And a magazine at the airport!”

Bigger weekends

But getting away doesn't always mean going far. “The kids have been nagging us to visit more UK theme parks, but they are just so expensive,” says Samantha. “The £120 we'll save by switching to E.ON will be enough to cover the cost of tickets for us all to visit a theme park next summer and I can't wait to treat the kids to a fun-filled day out.”

Theme parks, zoos and other attractions are a great way to spend your extra energy savings, especially if you don’t have to dip into any other funds to pay for them. “It would be nice to have that money ready for a family day without having to worry it was taking away from something else,” agrees Jess

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Money in the bank

But what if you’ve got longer-term goals in mind? Having a bit more money left over every month makes saving easier – as you won’t notice the pinch when you start leaving more in the bank. “It works out at just over £10 a month cheaper for us if we switched,” says Lindsay.

“I’d use it towards my wedding fund as I am getting married in 2019. The money saved in one year would pay for one of my bridesmaid dresses.”

From weddings and house deposits to cars and computers, there’s always something else to save for – even if it’s not for you. “It would be lovely to splurge the money,” admits Simone “but I know my daughter would love horse riding lessons and the monthly saving would certainly help pay for that!”

The little things

 Sometimes we need a big family holiday and a fancy wedding and a happy child who knows how to ride a horse… But sometimes we just need a bit of extra cash in our pockets to spend on us. “Switching to the E.ON Go Online tariff would save me around £8 a month,” says Colette. “That doesn't sound all that much until you add it up and realise that's a couple of fancy coffees a month and an extra cut and colour a year!”

Let’s face it, we could all do with a few more trips to the cinema, a couple more impulse buys and a bit more loose change to spend on the things we don’t really need. “I would save £22 a year”, says Jen. “And I would spend it all on fish and chips!”

See what you could save

So whether you want to top up your tan, your savings or just your coffee cup, it’s worth checking to see if you could save by switching to the E.ON Go Online tariff today.

*All quotes were taken between 9th and 15th November 2017 by the bloggers using their home postcodes, and are correct at time of publication.

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