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Posted 24/07/2017 by E.ON

Many people believe music has the power to change the world. At E.ON, we think we’re taking it one step further.

We’re aiming to create a better tomorrow. Inspired by the power of music, we decided to think differently about the power used to create it.

So drawing upon another powerful force of nature, we’ve fused solar energy with music production in a different way. And we think it’ll enhance the creative energy too.

Meet the dazzling Kong Solar Studio.

Its interior is based on the creative space that originally inspired Gorillaz. But this place is a little different, as all its creations are powered directly through the solar rays captured outside.

Now that’s a recipe for musical magic. Let’s take a look around…

E.ON Kong Solar Studio

Outside the contemporary creative space may deceive you, but there’s a lot more to this quirky little trailer than meets the eye.

E.ON Kong Solar Studio

Sun harvester by day, music maker by night

So you’ve spotted the panels. But how do you go about producing a solar-powered track? The formula’s not so different from the norm.

Lay your solar panels outside in the daylight. Let them power up your solar battery, so you can draw upon the energy when you need it at night. And your final ingredient is the creative spark to bring your track to life. Simple.

The technology’s the same as what we used to power our dramatic night-time performance with Gorillaz, so we know there’s plenty of energy around for our studio to call upon. But to prove to any solar sceptics left among us, we headed south to put the trailer to the test.

The most south easterly towns and cities in the UK are the most productive area for solar power output. So what better place than the Demon Dayz festival in Margate to guarantee us some sunshine?

That’s where our solar artists came in.

With a few creative musical friends to help us road-test the technology, we worked with Gorillaz to find up-and-coming artists and handed over the studio to Lao Ra, Lully and producer Throwing Shade to produce a brand new track.

One all-nighter fuelled by the sun and some sugary snacks, and Frequency (No Dormir) was born. And we think the solar rays add a sprinkle of something extra to it.

The solar studio artisits - E.ON

Some of the greatest leaps forward in music, the arts and technology have come about through ambitious collaborations. We’re proud that we’ve been able to bring some amazing musical talent and technological innovations together.

Energy is changing. By creating the Kong Solar Studio, we’re showing how using tech like solar panels and batteries can change our lives and create exciting new opportunities. #Humanz

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