How we illuminated the night with daylight

Solar Collaboration - E.ON
Posted 22/06/2017 by E.ON

How much solar energy do you need to power a performance? Just a fraction, believe it or not.

In just one second, our sun produces enough energy to meet earth’s needs for 500,000 years. So it’s no wonder we’re so excited about its potential at E.ON. To bring our latest film to life we were tasked with getting enough sun to power Gorillaz and our solar film for 130 seconds.

Simple, right? Well, armed with a few familiar solar panels and a brand new solar battery to store the energy, we set out to capture the right amount of power for the night-time film shoot.

Add to that a bunch of clappy chappies, jiving sumos, a twerking dog and a giant lucky cat, and we headed to a quarry south of Barcelona. Well, powerful performances do demand a glamorous location, don’t they?

After charging our solar battery for a while, we connected about a thousand of our inanimate friends together, and waited for the sun to disappear. What happened next was electric.

What we did to power our night-time performance

In true music video style, it took a few takes to get the scenes right (even clappy chappies have their diva moments). But the result is something that we think is quite spectacular, remarkably all achieved through solar energy.

A solar collaboration

Why did we do it? Well, renewable energy and energy solutions are transforming our lives in so many ways, from solar storage to electric cars.

And while solar energy in itself seems like nothing new, innovations like battery storage are changing the way we’re able to store and use it. We’re aiming to create a better tomorrow; our collaboration with Gorillaz is one way we’re showing how we all have the power to do that.

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