7 top tips to beat the winter blues

Posted 15/11/2017 by E.ON

Winter is coming. Now that the clocks have gone back, it’s dark when you leave the house AND when you come home. The temperature has dropped, it’s raining more and more and you’ve probably had to dig your big coat out of the back of the wardrobe.

For some of us, that can lead to feeling a little more down than usual. In fact, scientists believe that less sunlight through the winter months can cause our body rhythms to get out-of-sync, which can lead to ‘the winter blues’. But what can you do to cheer yourself up when the weather is trying to get you down? Here are our top 7 tips (spoiler: tip 7 not to be missed) to beat back the blues…

1.  Get some winter sunshine when you can

With more daylight hours in the spring and summer, it’s much easier to get your dose of vitamin D. But dark mornings and evenings in the winter make it tricky to soak up enough of those all-important rays. Take advantage of clear, crisp beautiful days (even if you’re in the office). Grab your lunchbox and get outside for a lunchtime stroll.

2. Light up your life with efficient LEDs

Bring back summer by lighting your home with low energy light bulbs like LEDs. Because they’re energy efficient, they will last a lot longer than average light bulbs – less maintenance and lower costs.

3. Keep the heat in

Be smart with the heat you’ve got. Keep internal doors closed, and use draught excluders to keep those pockets of heat firmly inside. If you’re worried about how insulated your walls are, see if you can take advantage of our free cavity wall and loft insulation – even if you’re not an E.ON customer.

4. Get smart about temperature

Control your your heating from your smartphone. Install a smart thermostat, such as tadoo from E.ON, which can help you control the temperature at home with your phone. Save energy while you’re out and get your home cosy for when you return.

5. Track your energy use

E.ON See is a free online tool that shows you how much energy you’re using and where you can make savings. You can also ask your energy supplier about installing a smart meter, which will automatically send accurate meter readings to your supplier, giving your more time for Christmas shopping.

 6. Storing up the sunshine

Did you know that solar panels work all year round – even when the sun isn’t shining? With our solar panel and solar battery storage solutions, you can save up the power you generate in a battery and use it whenever it suits you, helping towards those winter nights in.

7.  Join us for a Shot of Summer

If you're in London from Wednesday 22nd- Friday 24th November (7am-7pm), come and visit our ‘Shot of Summer’ pop-up in Finsbury Avenue Square, next to Liverpool Street Station in London. Escape the winter chill, with some Wimbledon inspired table-tennis, mini golf


...and a chance to meet Love Island finalist Gabby Allen.

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