Live life your way: getting the temperature right in your home

Posted 16/11/2017 by E.ON

Too hot, too cold... Getting the temperature right in your home can be tricky, especially when you need to turn the thermostat up and down to suit different activities. Colder for cooking, but then warmer for snuggly evenings. It can be a minefield.  

 Well look no further, we’ve got you covered. Here are five temperatures you need to know to transform your home from sleep haven to workout bootcamp and everything in between.

live life at the perfect temperature thermometer

 Zzzz… drop off into a peaceful sleep at 17°C

 As anyone who’s tried to sleep during a heatwave will tell you, it’s near impossible to sleep when you’re too hot. Turns out, the perfect temperature is actually between 15°C and 19°C, so get that thermostat down before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Tickle your tastebuds with a glass of red at 18°C

Calling all slurpers and swillers! You probably already know that red wine should be served at room temperature. In fact, experts advise that you should keep that vintage bottle at no more than 18°C.

Make every squat and lunge count at 21°C

 Working up a sweat? It’s a myth that being really hot will help enhance your exercise regime. Get the most out of your home workout by keeping your house at around 21°C.

Boost your memory by working at 22°

A study at Loyola University found that air temperature has an impact on memory. People in rooms at 22.2°C performed better in tests than those in rooms that were hotter or colder. Now that’s something worth remembering.

Get into your birthday suit at 26.5°C

Pick a balmy 26.5°C if you’re planning on going au naturel at home. That’s all we have to say on the matter.

 All good to know, right?

 But we know what you’re thinking – it’s a hassle to keep switching between temperatures.

Well not anymore. We’ve teamed up with tadoo the smart thermostat experts, to give you control over the heating once and for all. Not only can you change the temperature by app from wherever you are, but you can even save on your heating bills.

 So now you can live your life at the perfect temperature - and your thermostat’s got your back.



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