Love Island finalist Gabby Allen shares her go-to tips to beat the winter blues

Posted 24/11/2017 by Gabby Allen

Tis the season… for colds, flus AND 5pm sunsets.

From E.ON’s research it’s no surprise that 60% of us Brits feel happier in summer than in winter.

Just under a third (29%) of us would give up takeaways and over a fifth (21%) would give up our mobile phones if it means having a longer summertime.

Cold mornings and fewer daylight hours can leave us feeling down. I often find myself searching the internet for winter breaks, but jumping on a plane isn’t always the most realistic option. That’s why I really make an effort to adapt my favourite summer activities for the colder months, and also try to make my home as cosy as possible.

Next time you find yourself craving the summer sun, try out my six shot of summer tips to help beat those winter blues.

1.  Let's get physical.

Seven in ten (72%) of us find it difficult to get out of bed on winter mornings, which makes it harder to hit the gym. My solution is to bring the gym to you. There are so many work-outs you can do in the comfort of your own home – like squats, lunges and ab work-outs. Get the endorphin buzz you need in winter and get summer ready at the same time, win-win!

2. Summer soundtrack all year round.

Personally, some songs just scream summer and I can’t help dancing along to them. When I’m out and about, I pop my headphones in and listen to the top hits from summer – it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

3. Keep cosy with a twist.

85% of us want to keep cosy in winter, and half of us want comfort food. I like to combine the two – but with a summery twist. Why not invite some friends over, cook up a big bowl of paella, and re-live those summery Spanish nights. Even better with sangria.

4. Going green.

Many of us prefer to spend time indoors in winter so why not bring the outside in with a few summery plants. Flowers always add a bit of cheer, I love mini cacti because they’re low maintenance. To top it off, I always have mint at home because it gives off such a summery smell.

 5. Get beachy.

Jetting off for some summer sun isn’t always possible, but you can keep that beachy look. For girls, salt-spray is a must for that beachy hair, and I use a winter bronzer so I’m always looking sun kissed. For guys, get some hair styling wax for that surfer look.

7.  Live life at the perfect temperature.

Installing a tadoo Smart Thermostat can help you control the temperature at home with your phone. Save energy while you’re out and get it cosy for when you return. Make your home summer ready in the morning so getting out of bed is one less winter struggle.

Hopefully you will feel that summery feeling again after trying out a couple of my winter-proofing tips! And discover more about what E.ON's doing to bring new solutions to your home. 


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