How to get energy fit in 7 minutes

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Posted 17/01/2017 by E.ON

The start of a new year often means a tough regime to lose a few extra pounds gained over Christmas. But if your new year’s resolution to get fit is already shaping up to be harder than you’d expected, save a few pounds in the bank instead with our one-minute ways to get energy fit.

Step 1 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

1. Pick the right equipment

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure you have good equipment. Being energy-fit means being energy efficient.

Many of your appliances and electronic devices could be using a lot more energy than you think. If you think it’s time to replace them, make sure you compare options on the market. Spending the time to check the specification may only take an extra minute, but it could help save you energy and money over the long-run.

Step 2 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

2. Warm up with a free smart meter

Smart meters are designed to send us meter readings automatically using GPRS technology, so we won’t have to ask you for them again. This also means we’ll have the most accurate data about your energy use, so you’ll never get an estimated bill again either.

It only takes a few moments to get going by booking your smart meter installation. But you’ll be on your way to saving yourself time in future, and having more power to reduce your energy costs. Now that’s a smart warm-up!

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Step 3 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

3. Do a light circuit

Circuit training has boomed in popularity over the last few years. Instead of doing a circuit in the gym, why not try one in your home to see what sort of lightbulbs you currently use?

Modern LED lightbulbs are much cheaper to run than incandescent, halogen and older energy saving (CFL) bulbs, so make sure you compare when you’re shopping for them. On average, LEDs also have a much longer lifespan, so make the switch to them as soon as you can.

Step 4 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

4. Take care of your environment

A few home improvements can make all the difference. So spend a minute or two checking that your home is properly insulated. Replacing your windowsdraught-proofing or even investing in a new boiler can all contribute towards a more energy-efficient household.

After all, keeping the warmth inside will ultimately mean you’re able to turn down the heating. And it’ll improve the energy-efficiency rating of your home.

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5. Go digital

There’s lots of ways to save you time and effort in your energy workout. Take a minute to set yourself up with an online account. It’s completely free, and means you can manage your energy account more efficiently – you can login whenever, and have complete visibility of what you’re using.

Once you’re setup, you can go paperless to save up to £10 off your bills every year. By regularly sending us a meter reading, you can be sure to get accurate bills too.

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Step 6 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

6. Start refuelling efficiently

Fuelling your home in the most energy-efficient way doesn’t just help the environment; it can also save your pocket. 

Spend a little time reading up on the ways you can generate renewable energy yourself, like solar panels. With our feed-in tariff (FiT), once you’ve used all the energy you need, you can earn money by selling the rest.

Step 7 - Energy Fit Workout - E.ON

7. Track your progress

Having a plan and tracking your progress is the best way to stay on top of your goals.

Try using our free Energy Saving Toolkit to see how you compare with other homes in your area. And if you’re on the go, track how much energy you’re using on your smartphone with the E.ON App. Knowing how much you’re using and where will help you make changes to your lifestyle, and hopefully save you some extra pounds in the process.

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