How to switch off and save energy while you're on holiday

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Posted 06/08/2018 by E.ON

Make sure you feel relaxed from the moment you step out the door with your suitcase. Follow our handy energy saving checklist before you lock up the house, while you’re away and just before you get back.

Before you jet off

Start with the stop tap – turn it off to prevent unexpected leaks. And switch the boiler to eco mode.

Laptops, mobile phones, razors and toothbrush chargers also drain electricity so be sure to unplug them too. It’ll stop you worrying, plus the savings might pay for an extra round of ice-creams.

Switching off TVs, computers, routers and games consoles instead of leaving them on standby mode is another good way to save. But think about if you really need to leave your recording box on (and router) plugged in if you want to catch up on your favourite shows when you’re back.

You’ll usually save more money by keeping your fridge and freezer switched on too. They’re more energy efficient when three-quarters full, so take out food that might go mouldy, raise the temperature slightly and fill with jugs and containers of water for an unconventional way to save energy.

Don’t forget… home assistants like Google Home, Siri and Alexa can help you plan your trip, and tell you what the traffic will be like on the way to the airport. You could also ask them to create a holiday checklist, so you don’t forget to switch everything off.

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Sitting by the pool

The last thing you want to be doing around the pool is worrying about things you can do nothing about. Home security is a concern, so give your home the ‘lived-in’ look. Leave your curtains and blinds open, and install smart lighting. You can then use your phone to put the lights on for a couple of hours each night to deter unwanted visitors.

Rightly or wrongly, you’re not alone if you struggle to switch off from thinking about work while you’re meant to be having fun in the sun.

If you’re someone who can’t leave the office behind, just remember you need to recharge too, so try to keep contact limited.

If you really have to, you could set aside 10 minutes before dinner to check your emails. Be strict with yourself though – don’t waste your well-earned break worrying about what’s happening at the office.

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Back to reality

The perfect break is coming to an end – it’s time to beat the holiday blues.

If you choose a smart thermostat like tado°, you can control your heating and hot water from your phone. So you could turn up the heat or turn on the hot water on the way home if you land in the night (or if you’re not quite ready to leave the beach life behind).

Why not start saving for your next break as soon as you’re back? Just head online to compare your energy usage to similar homes and see where you could save. Small changes can make a big difference to your bill.

You never know, you might be topping up your tan again sooner than you thought…

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