Create a haven at home this Christmas

haven at home
Posted 12/12/2018 by E.ON

Home is usually the place we feel most comfortable and relaxed, but over the hectic festive period it can be difficult to hold onto this feeling of calm. So as part of our Recharge Series, we’re bringing you a few simple ways to make your home a haven this festive season.

1. Keep it cosy (and get crafty)

Whether you prefer warm and toasty, or cool and calming, having your home at the right temperature over Christmas is essential. We can help with free cavity wall insulation if you’re eligible, as well as a tado° smart thermostat or a brand new A-rated boiler. It’s also a good idea to check the depth of your loft insulation - it should be between 250-270mm. Make the most of the heat you’ve got by lining your curtains and moving your sofa away from the radiator. You could even make your own draught excluder in a pretty festive pattern – it’s one of the cheapest ways to stop the heat escaping.

2. Lighten up

On cold dark nights, Christmas tree lights are the perfect way to create a festive feel at home. They bring a calming ambience to any room (and you can keep the cost down by opting for energy-efficient LEDs). In the living room, combine them with some tealights and a few scented candles to create the perfect winter hideaway in your very own home - don't forget to blow them out when you go to bed though. 

festive living room

3. Get re-gifting

Did you know? The average household has enough unwanted items to fill a small bathroom.

If you’ve still not touched some of last year’s presents, don’t feel guilty about re-gifting them to charity. You’ll create breathing space in your home and they might be the perfect gift for someone else this Christmas. What’s not to love about that?

gift wrapping

4. Bring the outside in

There’s lots of evidence that having plants indoors is great for your health. Consider getting a real Christmas tree or seasonal pot plant this December. There’s nothing better than the smell of a fresh fir tree to make your home a truly festive haven.

5. Spread some festive cheer

As we get closer to Christmas, open your doors to family, friends (and neighbours in need of company). Even if it’s only for a quick cup of tea and a catch up, the benefits for your wellbeing can’t be beaten. So go on... pop the kettle on and spread that Christmas cheer!

Festive feeling

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