Getting gadget smart: balancing the old with the new

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Posted 11/07/2018 by E.ON

Keeping up with the latest technology can be a tricky balance, especially if you’ve been using your favourite gadget for years. After all, if it isn’t broken why fix it?

Well, we spoke to the public to get a better understanding of why they might (and might not) adopt a new piece of technology. The answers made perfect sense.

Most people talked about convenience, saving money and being energy efficient – basically, making life easier. But we also found that there was a reluctance to try something new.

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So what’s the deal with the old?

One in four of us is hanging onto technology that's 20 years old or more - it seems that here in the UK, we have a tendency to hoard it.

Physical reminders of the past are hard to beat, especially when it comes to gadgets that spark comfort and nostalgia. There’s also a part of us that likes the familiarity and comfort of our most used technology around the house.

So why bother with a change?


You could be missing the smart revolution

Being smart used to mean something different just a few years ago. We certainly didn’t refer to it in relation to inanimate objects, but now it’s a term applied to most devices.

Smart phones, smart meters, smart TVs, smart energy – the list goes on.

Turning to technology for help has become second nature for some of us, with around 70% of the nation using it to monitor things like spending, energy and fitness. Many devices can now connect with one another too, making some daily tasks simpler than they’ve ever been.

But how could smart energy help you?

Smart Phone in Car - E.ON

Knowledge is power when it comes to smart energy

Smart energy means using technology to get a better understanding of how you use energy in your home, and having the latest tools to control it.

Start your smart energy journey by finding out if you can get a smart meter. They are self-reading meters, with an in-home display that monitors what you are spending on your energy in near real-time.

If you already have a smart meter, think about what else might make life easier and more efficient in relation to energy, like a smart thermostat, or smart plugs. It could just get you started on your way to a more connected home – and one that’ll be smart energy future proof.

 smart meter in use - E.ON

Best of both

Okay, it doesn’t mean you have to throw away your devices. There’s still a place for our favourite old-school items at home; the smart revolution is not designed to replace them.

Gradually upgrading your gadgets is a healthy way to make sure you have the latest tools and technology at your disposal.

So, dust off your classic typewriter (like the 11% of men that still own one) to inspire creativity, while using the latest smart energy technology (like smart meters) to get your own balance just right.

And remember… if you do choose to part ways with your old tech, have a look for your nearest recycling centre so you do your bit for the planet.

 Source: Press Release (E.ON Energy UK - Brits urged to embrace new technology after research finds we’re a nation of tech hoarders - 11/07/2018)

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