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Posted 28/03/2018 by E.ON UK

Ever yearn for more interesting ways to spice up your daily commute? How about stepping straight out of your front door and swimming to your next location? It’s a refreshing thought.

That’s the magic we’ve conjured up in our new film. Imagine a world where families splash and synchronised swimmers perform right in the middle of a busy street.

Air source heat pumps made it all possible (plus some computer wizardry of course) by taking heat straight from thin air and using it to keep those city swimmers warm - even on a winter’s day. 

So how did we do it?

Our ‘making of’ film shows how an air source heat pump turns air into heat, as if by magic. 

Here’s how it works. The air source heat pumps uses electricity to draw heat from the air. The air gets hotter with compression from the pump, which is then pumped around the heating system.

This technology is so powerful that we managed to heat 2.5 million litres of water – filling an Olympic-sized swimming pool – all on a winter’s day, using the air all around us.

Not only is it a clever solution, air source heat pumps are good for the environment too. We think it’s the future of heating.

Although we can’t promise to turn every busy city centre street into glorious, heated swimming baths, we can find solutions that are just as inventive to help you keep your own home nice and cosy. 

Solutions for a new energy world

Of course, our film isn’t just a great opportunity to show what air source heat pumps can do for your home. It’s also a chance to show you that the future of energy is changing, that it’s exciting, and we’re embracing it.

From solar panels to smart thermostats to electric vehicles, the new energy world can help you become more energy efficient in a way that really suits you.

That’s because everyone’s needs are different. So we want to provide you with solutions that fit your own lifestyle. Like low carbon transport accessible for people with electric vehicles and installing A-rated boilers and central heating systems for those who need them.

There’s a whole new energy world out there for us all to get behind.

Take a dip with us

And all this is just the start. We might have a few to convince if we’re ever going to turn your trip to the shops into a healthy swim, but we can help you prepare for the future in more helpful ways – right now.

Whether you’re thinking about having greater control, generating your own energy at home with solar panels or just want to find a more suitable tariff, our goal is to put the world of energy in your hands. So that you can embrace a future that genuinely works for you.

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