11 good energy habits to stop your home costing more this summer

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Posted 31/05/2018 by Mike Feely, Green Guru - E.ON

With longer, warmer days and more time spent outdoors, our energy usage gets a little break of its own during the summer months. However, there are still lots of little ways you can make the most of the good times, while saving both energy and money. 

Here’s how to get saving whilst the sun’s out, from the everyday to the forward-thinking:

1. Embrace cooler showers 

Be brave! By dropping your shower a few degrees (even for the last couple of minutes for a refreshing kick) you can shake up your morning routine and start saving on the £80 a year spent on heating showers. You could even enjoy it. 

2. Soak up the heat 

Everyone loves a freebie. Keep your curtains open during sunny days to soak up that free heat for your home. 

3. Break the cycle

Give your tumble dryer a break and enjoy lovely fresh laundry with a line dry instead (just make sure you check the forecast). And if you’re limited on space, even drying on a clothes horse indoors is much quicker in warmer weather. 

4. Summer nights

Lighting up your garden for enjoying summer evenings doesn’t have to strain your energy usage. Efficient LED or solar-powered bulbs create all the atmosphere without the cost.

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5. Get smart, stay on track 

Smart meters are a great way to keep track of where you’re using and spending on your energy. You can even set budgets and alerts if you’re about to go over with your usage.

6. Treat your fridge 

Make sure your fridge freezer isn’t suffering in the heat by making sure it’s located out of direct sunlight and away from your cooker. Empty space in your freezer means it has to work harder too. Time to stock up on ice cream? 

7. Forecast for your home 

Smart thermostats such as tado° can help you by adapting your home’s temperature based on the local weather forecast. This will make the most of natural heat on a sunny day. 

8. Free up space 

Use oil or LPG to heat your home? Swap it for an air source heat pump. You’ll have more garden space to enjoy the summer, and you’ll be doing your bit for green energy.

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9. Insulate in summer 

It’s not as daft as it may sound. Cavity wall and loft insulation can help keep your home cool in summer. Yes, really. In the same way it keeps warm air in when it’s cold out, it keeps warm air out during a heatwave. Clever stuff. 

10. Sort your boiler in summer to save in winter 

A third of UK homes have an inefficient boiler, and The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a new boiler could save you £210 annually*, so take the opportunity to service or replace your boiler, so it doesn’t cause you any problems in winter.

11. Generate energy while the sun shines 

By installing solar panels and solar battery storage solutions, you’ll be able to convert sunlight into electricity. It’s an all-year-round solution, as you can store it for when you need it. 

So, whether you want to make small changes, or want to lead a home energy revolution, there are ways to up your environmental credentials and lower your energy bills. 

*Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Heat in Buildings October 2017 Report.

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