Recharge series: The simple ways to re-energise your mind, body and soul this autumn

Posted 17/10/2018 by E.ON

How much time do you get to relax on an average day? We were surprised to find that nearly a third of Brits only get between 30 minutes to an hour of relaxation time a day. And we think that just isn’t good enough.

A lot of us are using technology like smart meters to help us do our daily tasks more conveniently and efficiently. But sometimes, it’s necessary to recharge yourself instead of your devices.

Late nights and early mornings are one of the main reasons people start to burn out  before winter, with bad weather close behind. So how can we enjoy autumn without feeling exhausted? 

To avoid the pre-winter burnout, we started thinking about the best ways to look after your mind, body and soul. Ready for a reboot? Well read on. 

October is traditionally a pretty miserable month

It can feel quite flat at times for some of us. The weather gets wetter and days are get darker. There aren’t any bank holidays to look forward to until Christmas – let’s just say it can feel a little dull.

But don’t resign yourself to months of feeling drained and miserable.

Without overhauling your diet and exercise plan, it could be easier than you think to re-energise ahead of winter. Help your mind, body and soul this autumn with these top tips.

Melanie Sykes

Top tips to recharge your batteries from Melanie Sykes

Get creative in the kitchen: After a busy day, it might seem much easier to order a takeaway rather than cook something fresh for dinner. However, spending time in the kitchen creating and preparing food – whether that’s a bowl of a pasta for one or a family meal – can be a great way to relieve stress and wind down for the evening. The best part of this is you can use all-natural ingredients to ensure you get the healthy kick you need this autumn.

The literary prize: Reading is the perfect chance to escape those autumn blues and transport yourself into another world. It doesn’t matter where I am; in the house or on the commute, a good book gives me the chance to take time out of the day to relax!

Bring warmth to your relaxation: Surprisingly, only 3% of Brits said a spa was their favourite place to relax, with the number one spot being at home. Make sure your home is cosy by using a smart thermostat, to ensure its nice and toasty for when you arrive home.

Turn feeling down into a downward dog: With two in five Brits (42%) admitting to having low energy levels this time of year, one solution to recharge your batteries is to start practising yoga. Yoga is not only great for your body, but also your mind, as it provides the perfect opportunity to meditate while you pose, leaving me feeling refreshed after every session.

The final piece of the puzzle: Relaxation can come from simply distracting yourself. Personally, I find solving a jigsaw puzzle with my family the perfect way to recharge my batteries and feel a fun sense of achievement once we’ve finished a puzzle. In the wet and windy autumnal weather why not challenge your friends to complete a jigsaw with you?

Looking for an extra boost?

It can be difficult to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially in a big city. So we’re bringing our ‘Recharge Retreat’ to London from Wednesday 17 – Friday 19 October on the Southbank

The event will feature guided meditation classes from wellness expert, Roxie N Nafousi, revitalising workouts from movement expert, Roger Frampton, and nutritional advice and recipes from food expert, Jasmine Hemsley. So you’ll leave feeling invigorated and refreshed. Happy days.

Not around London? No worries – we’ll be sharing videos from these sessions on our blog, and social media channels, along with mind, body and soul tips so you can top up on that recharged feeling on demand. 

October’s never felt so refreshing.

Research featured from E.ON press release: Autumn blues hit the UK and nearly half of Brits admit to needing an energy boost in October

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