Recharge your body with 5 tips from movement expert Roger Frampton

Posted 17/10/2018 by E.ON

It's not news to us that healthy eating and exercise can really impact how we feel day to day, so why do we find it so hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

We found that autumn can be one of the most draining seasons  of the year, with shorter days and colder weather leaving its mark on us, so it’s no surprise that the last thing we want to do is head out in the dark for a run. 

We are a population of trackers, from keeping an eye on our steps, to measuring our energy use with smart meters. Despite tracking our steps, our sleep and our calories, though, we still feel lethargic and worn down.

What if you didn’t have to leave the house, let alone your living room?

Thanks to body and movement expert Roger Frampton you can have a home workout by following along with his top tips below – helping you recharge your body from the comfort of your own home. 

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Roger Frampton’s tips to recharge your body

1. Find a stretch and melt into it
There are many different ideas around how to improve our flexibility and help us recharge. One of the ways to do this is to is to melt into stretches. By reducing the intensity and increasing the time spent in stretches we can get as good results without "pushing" our bodies. 3- 4 minutes is a good time to melt into a stretch for.

On a scale of 1 to 10 intensity you want to be around a 5... If you manage to last the time it will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged for the day.

2. Folding in half
Think touching your toes here. Stand feet hip width apart, fold over your body and relax. Folding in half refreshes the blood flow to your brain helping to re-energise and recharge you for your day.

You only need around one minute for this process to happen meaning you can do it at your desk, in the park or if you’re feeling brave even whilst waiting on a train. If you feel any tension in your back here, a soft bend in the knees will help relax that.

3. Lying on the floor
As kids we love to play on the floor but as we get older we tend to use the sofa, which can put us into a slumped position – potentially increasing tightness in our bodies. To re-energise, try spending a few minutes in Sphinx pose.

It’s the first position most babies sit up in and also the position as kids we tend to adopt to watch TV. Spending a few minutes per day in this position can leave you with stretched out hips and spine, leaving you recharged for the evening... and now to Netflix and chill.

4. Consciousness and mindfulness
If you haven’t heard of either of these words by now then where have you been? “We need to be more mindful” they say! But how? Do we have to sit down with our palms clasped and clear our mind all day? Well no. All this really means is to be aware of your own thinking. When you are aware of your thoughts, it gives you a chance to separate you from the thinking mind.

So instead of “I’m feeling so stressed right now” we watch the thoughts that are causing stress to happen which gives us a little bit of separation, allowing us to refresh and re-energise our minds for the day and more calming thoughts.

5. Opening your heart
I’ve already covered how folding in half can help refresh the body by recharging the mind. Another way to recharge our body is by opening our heart – more commonly known as "back bending". This can be something as simple as pushing your chest open and looking up to the ceiling. If you have any back pain then try the version where you are sat on the floor, which will take the tension out of the back.

For a more advanced back bend/heart opening, lie on the floor, walk your feet in so your knees are bent, press into the floor and lift your body up as high as you can. Hold this for one minute. Then lie back down... & relax :)

To help share our top tips on recharging your mind, body and soul we’re also bringing a ‘Recharge Retreat’  to London Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th October on the Southbank with TV’s Melanie Sykes . The event will feature guided meditation classes by mental health and wellbeing expert, Roxie Nafousi, revitalising work outs and nutritional advice and juice/smoothie recipes by wellbeing and food expert, Jasmine Hemsley,  to help visitors feel refreshed. 

Not around London during those days? No worries – we’ll be sharing tips for your soul and mind so you can keep the recharged feeling lasting all year long. R

Research featured from E.ON press release: Autumn blues hit the UK and nearly half of Brits admit to needing an energy boost in October



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