Solar power to charging power

Posted 11/04/2019 by E.ON

Energy use has historically been a passive affair, with customers receiving power from their supplier and paying their bill – end of story.

But now energy users have far greater choice and control, including the option to generate their own solar power, which they can store in a battery or supply to the grid, and, in time, will even be able to use their electric vehicle as an alternative battery that can feed power into the grid at times of high demand as well as charging up from the mains.

Solar power

It has been possible to put solar panels on your roof and produce your own power for many years, but only now is battery technology becoming cheap enough and advanced enough to allow widespread adoption by consumers looking to store that power to use when they need to.

With our battery storage system, you could use 30% more of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone, increasing the cost-effectiveness of your solar power system and cutting your bills even more.

Solar drive

You can even use your panels to charge your electric car. The Eve Mini EV home charger works 2.5 times faster than just plugging into the mains and reduces your need to use public charging points. It can be installed when your solar panels are fitted, or installed separately if you already have solar panels in place, and currently you can get £500 off the installation cost with a grant from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). You don't even have to fill out the application form – as an accredited OLEV installer, we'll do that for you.

Give something back

One of the great things about electric vehicles is that they don't just take power from the grid – they can sell it back as well, in a process known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G). The technology is still at a relatively early stage, but we have teamed up with carmaker Nissan on a V2G strategic project that will see 1,000 electric vehicles using bi-directional charging technology installed at businesses across the UK.

These smart charging points will not only allow the vehicles to charge as normal but also to feed power back into the network, using our Virtual Power Plant platform to decide when to charge the batteries and when to draw power from them to smooth out peak demand. We even offer our Fix and Drive tariff exclusively for electric and hybrid vehicle owners.

More charge points are being installed every day at businesses, retailers, gyms and hotels across the country, but most people charge their cars at home and household charge points will be a crucial part of the new electric vehicle charging infrastructure. They will also be part of the increasingly sophisticated suite of energy options for the home that will put power in the hands of the customer.

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