Wellbeing starts at home

Posted 12/04/2019 by E.ON

Give yourself an energy boost this spring – starting with small changes in the home. 

We all spend a lot of time at home, so how you feel about where you live is important to your wellbeing. It has the power to shape your mood, increase productivity and improve your outlook on life. 
From colour schemes to cups of tea, minor changes can optimise your surroundings, starting with our seven home energising tips. So, take a deep breath, and start reading...

1. Get colour happy
We all like some colours more than others, but did you know the colour scheme in certain rooms at home can have a big effect on our positivity and our ability to achieve things? Blue tones in the bedroom make it easier to get a good night's sleep - and a splash of yellow in the kitchen can boost your Monday morning mood. 

2. Lighten up
63% of us rate natural light as the most important aspect of a home. Make the most of the spring sunshine by placing mirrors on walls that are opposite windows. Dawn alarm clocks like Lumie are a great way to brighten up your mornings too. They’ll wake you up slowly with light that imitates the sunrise. 

3. Getting warmer?

Whether you prefer warm and toasty, or cool and calming, having your home at the right temperature is sure to keep your energy levels up, whatever the weather. We can help you keep your living spaces at the perfect temperature with cavity wall insulation, a tado° smart thermostat or a brand new A-rated boiler.

4. Declutter your home
Minimalism isn’t the goal here, but the average household has enough unwanted items to fill a small bathroom. Clutter is proven to cause stress, so don’t feel guilty about giving an untouched present to charity – you’ll be doing a good deed and creating breathing space in your home. What’s not to love about that?

5. Bring the outside in
There’s lots of evidence that having plants indoors is great for your health. If you’re the type that struggles to keep a cactus alive, there are many plants out there that don’t require much attention. Research different species and their benefits for your home – night-time oxygenators like the peace lily are perfect for the bedroom, helping to refresh you while you sleep.

6. Get a dose of vitamin D
Spring is a great season to spend time outdoors and transform your garden into a haven for yourself and wildlife. Getting your garden into shape not only creates a space to enjoy for the rest of the year, but also brings unexpected health benefits – helping to relieve stress and boost your immune system. Plus, a trip to a garden centre to pick up supplies can be a nice day out!

7. Be open
Open your doors and garden to family, friends and neighbours. Even if it’s only for a quick cup of tea and a catch up, the benefits for your wellbeing can’t be beaten. So, go on... pop the kettle on!


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