Five ways to keep your home cool

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Posted 23/08/2019 by E.ON

With heatwaves becoming a more regular occurrence, your home could easily get overheated making it hard to sleep and relax. We've got some top tips for easy ways to keep your home, and yourself, cool without forking out for an expensive air conditioning system.

 Tip #1 - keep the curtains closed. Blocking the sun out during the hottest part of the day is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping indoor temperatures down. You can even get solar reflecting curtains that hang behind your existing ones if your house gets the sun all day.

 Tip #2 - keep your windows closed. Although it feels like opening the windows wide to let air in would be a good way to cool your house down, it actually has the opposite effect as it just lets all the hot air in. If you really do want to have your windows open, then it's best to open them on both sides of the house so that you create a through-draught.

Tip #3 - get smart with fans. You can boost the cooling power of free-standing fans by placing a bowl of ice in front of them. Take care as the ice melts and make sure that the water doesn't touch the fan, its cable or the electricity supply. And keep track of how much more energy your fans are using by installing a smart meter.

Tip #4 - insulate your home. Cavity wall insulation is not just designed to keep warmth in during the winter, it can also help to keep the summer heat out. Depending on the type of walls your home has you can use insulation to manage the temperature all year round and save money on your energy bills too.

Tip #5 - get solar roof panels installed. Not only will you be able to cash in on the energy all that sunshine will produce for you, research has shown that solar panels keep roofs cooler by up to 5 degrees during sunshine hours.

So don't overheat by taking these easy steps to energy efficient cooling for you and your home.

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