Sun, sea, save: save energy at home while you’re away

Posted 20/08/2019 by E.ON

There’s nothing better than a relaxing summer holiday and to make sure your home is ready before you head off we’ve created a handy energy saving checklist.

Turn down the boiler

When you’re away on holiday, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using your boiler for heating, but you’ll probably still need it for your hot water. So, set your boiler to eco mode instead of turning it off.

You’ll not only save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also have hot water ready for a relaxing bath or a quick shower once you arrive back home.

Switch off

Your favourite electronic devices use energy even when they’re in standby mode so turn off TVs, computers and games consoles at the socket to avoid wasting energy when you’re on holiday. Don’t forget to power down your kitchen too. Microwaves, dishwashers and washing machines will all use electricity unless switched off at the socket.

And if you’re worried you’ll forget to turn off your devices and appliances, why not get smart plugs so you can turn off your devices from your smartphone whilst lying beside the pool.

Fill up your fridge

Unless you’re going away for an extended holiday, keeping your fridge on will usually save you money. Fridges are more energy efficient when they’re full so opt for an unconventional way to save energy and fill yours with jugs and containers of water.

Make sure you throw away any food that might go mouldy and then turn the temperature up by a couple of degrees to reduce energy use.

But if you are going away for a long time, then why not give your fridge a break. Use up all your food, give it a good clean and turn it off.

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Be smart with your lighting

Everyone wants their house to look occupied whilst they’re on holiday, especially when it gets darker in the evenings. But leaving the lights on all day and night wastes energy and it won’t look like someone’s home either.

Instead, consider installing smart lighting around your home. You can turn your lights on and off from halfway around the world to deter any unwanted visitors.

Plan a warm return

Coming home from your holiday might be the last thing on your mind, but you’ll appreciate having your home ready for your return. If you install a smart thermostat like tado°, you can turn up the heat, or turn on the hot water, on your way home which could make leaving sunnier climates a little bit easier.

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