Five ways to save on winter energy bills

Posted 17/12/2019 by E.ON

The colder weather and shorter days mean we tend to use a lot more energy in winter than we do in the warmer, lighter months. In fact, we spend on average £50 more on our gas and electricity in December alone

So we’ve pulled together five simple ways to help you save energy and money in winter. 

1. Check your boiler
Heating makes up 55% of an average energy bill, so having a modern, energy efficient boiler can make a big difference. Older boilers are less efficient and can be more expensive to run than a new boiler. And what’s more, an older boiler is more likely to break down and leave you in the cold. So give your boiler a health check before it gets really cold this winter. 

Upgrading your boiler can make your heating more energy efficient - our range of boilers are 94% efficient and you could spread the cost with one of our finance options. Or if you’re eligible you could even get a new gas boiler for £240.

2. Switch off
Don’t forget to turn off lights and the heating in rooms you’re not in to keep your energy use (and costs) down over winter. In terms of the latter, it’s worth considering investing in a smart thermostat and smart radiator thermostats too - like tadoo which allow you to control your heating with your phone.

Make sure that you turn appliances off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby – TVs, games consoles and phone chargers can all waste energy when left on standby.

3. Insulate your home
No one wants to spend money heating the air outside their home, especially on cold winter nights. But this is a problem for many of us: 71% homes in the UK have an energy efficiency rating of D or lower

Installing insulation is the most effective way of preventing heat from escaping your home and if you’re eligible you could get free cavity wall and loft insulation from E.ON. And if you’re not eligible you could still insulate your home from as little as £330.

And think about draught-proofing uncovered gaps and openings to the outside to help keep valuable heat inside your home. There’s plenty of draught excluders available and or you could make your own.

4. Choose a smart meter
Smart meters show you how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, putting you in control of your energy use. And you can also use your smart meter to set a budget, so you don’t use more energy than you’d planned to. And you’ll also receive accurate bills, meaning you’ll only pay for the energy you actually use. 

5. Check if you’re eligible for extra support
If you’re concerned about yourself or a family member over the winter period, we have services offering additional help and support. Have a look at our Priority Services Register and see if you’re eligible for a range of special services including priority reconnection if an energy supply is interrupted. Or check if you’re eligible for our Warm Home Discount scheme to get £140 towards your electricity costs.

Getting in touch over winter
If you need help over winter, you can get in touch with us. Our normal opening hours are 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

If you’re in an emergency and need help, please use one of the numbers below:

If you have a power cut or have seen some issues with the power lines in your area, call Distribution Network Operators on 105

If you can smell gas or need to report a gas explosion/fire, call the National Gas Emergency Helpline immediately on 0800 111 999

If there’s a problem with your power or you have an emergency with your prepayment meter, call 0345 301 5955 to get through to the E.ON emergency team.



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