Three hot smart home trends from CES 2019

Posted 19/02/2019 by E.ON

Unsurprisingly, advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence — think digital splashback and a 4K roll-up TV— stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month. Despite these AI innovations, the smart home category highlighted useful, affordable, and energy-efficient devices too. For example, Whirlpool's water resistant KitchenAid Smart display, a smart home hub for the entire kitchen, connects to over 10,000 Google-assistant-enabled devices.

Here are three of the biggest smart home trends that took centre stage, plus some of the most innovative energy-saving products shaping the future of the Internet of Things.

1. Smart Homes Have Evolved Into Ecosystems

One of the common themes at this year's CES was the evolution of the smart home into an entire ecosystem. Picture entirely wireless rooms — from your kitchen to your bathroom — with digital assistants built into everything from your bed to your bathroom mirror, all controlled by the sound of your voice.

2. Tech That's Better for People and the Planet

Not only are smart homes integrating tech between every room in your house, but advancements in AI can ensure your entire system is running as efficiently as possible, saving you electricity and gas in the process.

The use of digital smart meters has become common in the UK, with the help of the E.ON, giving people more control over their energy use. Smart meters monitor your daily energy use, allow you to set an energy budget and help you understand when you are using the most energy to help you take energy efficiency steps to cut down your energy bills.

CES Product Highlights:

The smart plumbing system FLOWBOX Interactive was honoured in CES's 2019 Innovation Awards. It allows you to monitor and control your entire plumbing system in real time from a smartphone app, which means you can instantly detect a leak and prevent needless waste of water and money.

MAXSA Innovations launched their new Solar Powered Security Video Camera and Floodlight with WiFi, continuing its commitment to offering sustainable products that reduce our impact on the environment.

3. It's All About Voice Control

With the explosion of Amazon Echo and Google assistant sales in 2018 — digital assistants are expected to be owned by 57% of people globally in a year from now. Which means millions of households in the UK now have the ability to control devices across their homes with the sound of their voice.

This trend towards the automation of any household task, from lighting and irrigation to security and entertainment, should save not only time and money, but precious natural resources.

With new innovations coming, smart homes have the potential to lessen the negative effects of climate change, creating a brighter future for everyone. From solar panels and smart meters to electric vehicles and clean energy, at E.ON we are already working towards creating a more sustainable and energy efficient future for us all.

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