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Posted 27/02/2019 by E.ON

While lots of us have been great at being more energy efficient at home, many of us are not carrying these green practices over to our working lives. Our* recent research revealed that half of office workers leave their PCs switched on when they leave at the end of the day.

In general, a shocking level of indifference was revealed by employees about their workplace energy consumption:

Only 27% of people surveyed would bother to switch off appliances at work while 49% of them do so at home.

Just 15% of employees would turn the heating down by one degree at work but 34% keep an eye on their energy use for heating at home.


So why do people care less about energy efficiency at work? Partly it's due to a lack of awareness as 60% of people said that they didn't even know their company had anything in place for energy management. More than half of employees (59%) said that they were unaware of their companies' energy saving practices, sustainability standards or quotas, and energy efficiency legislation.

But not knowing what is expected of them is not the only reason for a lacklustre approach to energy saving at work, as employees are five times more likely to care about flexible working hours than their companies' energy consumption. Additionally, just 4% of people believe that energy management is important to keep their business operating effectively, compared to 37% who believe IT is a more significant factor.

E.ON's Green Guru, Mike Feely, said: “It's interesting – but perhaps not surprising – that people make more effort to save energy at home than they do in the office, as they feel the benefits in reduced bills directly. There's clearly a job to be done around persuading colleagues that little changes they make to their office behaviours can collectively have a significant impact, and what's good for the company in terms of greater efficiency and lower overheads translates into a benefit for all in terms of job security and prospects."

So next time you leave the office, make sure your PC is switched off and pop into the kitchen and switch the kettle off at the wall too.

* Survey conducted by OnePoll in November 2018.

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