Slow cooking for the soul

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Posted 13/02/2019 by E.ON

Everyone knows that wholesome food is good for the soul. Our recharge expert Jasmine Hemsley recommends boosting your diet with lots of stews and soups in winter. The challenge for many of us is how to find the time (or energy) to create nutritious meals…

Slow-cooking could be the answer

It’s the easiest way to make simple, tasty, hassle-free dishes that are packed full of goodness, especially during the colder months. If you don't want to be slaving over a hot stove all day, it’s easy to chuck in the ingredients and focus on recharging your batteries. You’ll have less washing up to worry about too!

Perfect for speedy mid-week meals

While most slow-cooker recipes take 6-8 hours, the preparation time is short (you can just roughly chop your ingredients and pop it in). Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prep, switch on just before you leave the house, then serve up as soon as you’re home.

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Get the kids involved

Family time is a great way to re-energise, so why not get the kids to join in the fun – from helping you to prepare your ingredients to the best part...the final taste test. Make sure you're not tempted to take the lid off while it cooks, letting the steam escape can add an extra hour or two to your slow-cooking time!

Slowing down saves energy

A slow cooker only uses slightly more electricity than a standard light bulb*. This means that even though you’ll be cooking for a longer period, you’ll save on energy compared to 45 minutes of oven time.

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Ready to give it a go?

From pork ribs to treacle sponge, we’ve found some great recipes for you to try at home, whatever your tastes.


Sweet potato and coconut curry

Healthy and tasty

Chicken casserole

Hearty and meaty

Melt-in-the-mouth pork ribs

Treat yourself! 

Schooldays treacle sponge (scroll to the bottom for slow cooker instructions)


*Source: Uswitch 

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