How to give you and your home an energy refresh

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Posted 08/01/2019 by E.ON

We're now into 2019, but hopefully the new year's resolutions you made at the start of the year, and bids to make positive changes for your health, your work and your home, have successfully continued beyond January.

In a recent survey, we found that more than 77% of people found that winter weather stops them exercising. Walks and runs get cancelled, trips to the gym are put off, and bikes gather dust. Healthy food goes out the window in favour of comforting stodge. 

To combat the seasonal malaise, and give you a bit of an energy boost, we've teamed up with fitness expert Alice Liveing to create a series of tips to give both you and your home an energy refresh.

The days are finally getting longer but we're still spending lots of time at home, so making the inside of your home as cosy and inviting as possible can be the best way to feel better. Making your environment more comfortable could help with well-being and productivity when you're at home. There are all sorts of inspired, but small things you can do to freshen things up - from adding extra cushions and blankets, to adjusting your temperature for the perfect stretching session - Alice is here to help.

Cosy up your home

If you're finding in these chilly winter months, you’re spending a lot of times indoors, then why not be productive and spend the time making sure your house is warm and toasty? This can be something small, like getting out the thick duvet to upgrading your boiler to one that is new and energy efficient. You can even get a smart thermostat like tado°,from E.ON, so you can get the heating on when you’re out and about, meaning your house is nice and cosy for when you get home.


Do some relaxing stretches

If you find yourself stuck inside when the weather is bad, then take 5 minutes to do some energising stretches from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to get yourself awake and ready for the day ahead in the morning or stretch out your body and get nice and relaxed before bed.

Eat something wholesome

When I don't want to head outside for food, I just make myself something delicious and nutritious at home instead. I love to make Greek yoghurt with cinnamon fried banana and toasted oats as a quick and easy breakfast or snack so that my body is well-fuelled.

Do a wet weather workout

When the weather is miserable outside, you’re less likely to want to take your workout outdoors. If you don’t want to venture out, or are just looking to switch up your routine, then an at home workout is the perfect option. I’ve created two body weight workouts that will get your upper and lower body working and require no equipment.


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