Are you guilty of being a secret heater?

Posted 29/01/2019 by E.ON

It’s been a relatively mild winter so far, with no sign of the white Christmas some of us had been dreaming of, but with colder weather on its way more of us might be tempted to crank up the thermostat over the coming weeks.

With almost two thirds of us (65%) admitting that the heating can be a source of conflict at home, and nearly half of us (48%) confessing to secretly adjusting the household thermostat, our recent research suggests we may be becoming a nation of secret heaters. So how exactly can we change our heating habits and restore domestic bliss in 2019?

Who’s guilty?

The thermostat wars at home usually start with someone not feeling cold enough to turn the heating on, but who is most likely to give the thermostat a sneaky nudge when no one’s looking? It seems to be an even playing field between men and women, with both being almost as bad as each other.

It’s the younger generation you ought to watch out for, with nearly a fifth (19%) of 18-24 year olds admitting to doing this often.


So, what’s the perfect temperature?

To settle the temperature debate once and for all we asked people how warm they like their homes, with an average temperature of 20.6°C coming out on top.

Whilst just under a quarter (24%) keep their thermostat below 20°C, one in ten of us opt for somewhere between a toasty 23-25°C.

Younger people tend to prefer a cosier home, with the average temperature for 18-24 year olds sitting at almost 22°C.

With UK temperatures set to plummet, however, now could be time to start thinking about how to manage your spend on heating and starting the year on the right foot.


Take control of the temperature

One way to keep track of the temperature is by using a smart thermostat, such as tado°. Almost a fifth (17%) of Brits have already made the switch from a traditional thermostat on the wall, allowing them to take control of the heating even when they’re out.

You can even pre-agree on a temperature that feels comfortable for everyone and set it for 30 minutes before you get home using the tado° app – that way the house will have warmed up enough to keep everyone happy!

Another easy way to manage your household’s energy efficiency is by keeping your boiler healthy. Equally important is good insulation – think about draught-proofing your home to lock heat in.

Making just a few small changes such as these could make a significant difference to your bills and may also turn down the heat, both in your relationships at home and the temperature on your thermostat!


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