7 Solar myths busted

Posted 25/01/2019 by E.ON

Solar power is the energy of the future – more and more people are switching to this clean, green source of energy but there are still a lot of myths around the technology so let's clear them up.

Myth 1) The UK isn't sunny enough

We're not famed for our tropical weather in the UK, it's true. But did you know that solar panels need light to work, not necessarily sunshine. They are more effective on a clear sunny day, for sure, but they still produce electricity and save you money, even on cloudy days.

Myth 2) Solar panels can't provide power once the sun has gone down

It's true that solar PV systems only generate electricity during daylight, but storage technology like batteries allow you to store spare power generated during the day and use it at night, ensuring you get the benefit of your solar panels for longer - you can even use it to power your electric vehicle.


Myth 3) It won't make any difference to the environment

We all know that we need to become more environmentally friendly and solar is a great way to do your bit. The more people who have solar panels on their homes, the bigger difference it makes to the UK's overall carbon emissions. Using solar means you rely less on the old oil and gas emissions that are causing climate change, and with solar and battery solutions you can generate renewable power for your home and the grid.

Myth 4) Solar power is still too new. Better wait until it's been proven

Solar power has been around for decades, and the costs have come down in recent years. Experts at the International Renewable Energy Agency say that the price of solar electricity has fallen by almost three quarters since 2010 and it is set to fall by another 50% by 2020. Solar power is here to stay, we know it works and the sooner you install it, the sooner you start saving. 

Myth 5) It reduces the value of your home

Many experts believe that solar panels add value to homes because they reduce your electricity bills and the amount of energy you use, making your house greener despite estate agents saying solar panels make no difference to the value of your home. Given that people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment as well as their energy bills, solar panels are likely to be a selling point, not a sticking point, in future.


Myth 6) There's no point us trying to become greener in the UK because other countries aren't doing their bit

From Shanghai to Sao Paolo, from Bangalore to Bogota, solar panels are being installed all over the world at record rates. So, while we're doing our bit to cut emissions in the UK, you can be sure that the same is happening in other countries. And the huge growth in the solar market around the globe is a strong response to the threat of climate change as laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Myth 7) Solar power is just for houses

Solar panels work great on houses, but if you run a business and you've got the space, then they will work just as well for you. Indeed, many companies will have more space than the average home, either on their roof or on other land where they can install solar PV systems, and within their premises to install battery packs. So, they may be able to make bigger savings while also giving back to their community.      width=

Homeowners in certain regions can now visit our solar page to use Google’s Project Sunroof to learn about the solar potential for their home. The tool not only calculates potential cost savings quickly, it also allows people to sign up and begin their solar panel installation process.

Now that the truth of photovoltaic panels and solar battery solutions have been resolved, find out how E.ON can help you harness the power of solar energy.

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